Spotting Child Tendencies?

child tendencies
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All parents want their child to be as successful as possible and, even if they do not realize it at first, they sometimes push them in a direction preferred by them, even though the child doesn’t really want to go that way. In this article, you will be able to see a lot of examples on how to identify the domain or area your child would want to develop in and how to do it.

Start by reinforcing your strengths

Of course, just like adults, children are either born with a special talent for a certain profession or they work hard to get it. There’s no secret that every one of us has a trait that makes us better at something. And while all psychologists suggest that parents should work with the kids and identify from an early age what kind of path is most suited for them, a special accent on this technique is suggested by Karissa Thacker that strongly promotes strength spotting played as a family game. It’s very easy to play and it can also be a lot of fun. Each family member gets the task of helping others identify what is it they do well or have an inclination for. Since it’s all tied to psychology and the way different personalities and characters develop, you will see that different personality types can be easily spotted in the early stages of life. As a parent, it is your duty to pay attention and encourage the specific talent and points of interest that your children express most.

Pay attention to the drivers

Of course, in most of situations, the choice of a certain direction can be influenced by someone in your family, a character your child saw on TV, a neighbor, and pretty much anything like that. So, it is very important that you as a parent, when spotting such behavior, try and identify what the trigger was and, more importantly, where does the drive come from. By understanding the drive behind the child’s interest in mechanical stuff, for example, you will be able to properly handle the evolution of things once time calls.

Encourage curiosity

Try to keep an open-minded approach and don’t judge the interest of your kid in something that does not really have things in common with the direction you want them to follow, encouraging their moment of exploration while making sure they fully understand all the aspects of such a desire. This applies to all environments because diversity is, most probably, the most important thing when it comes to options that your kid may have further on.

The bottom line is that you should always pay close attention to what the child expresses in the early weeks of life because, according to scientists, that’s when children are most likely to inherit or ‘borrow’ certain characteristics that can lead to an awesome career.

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