Things to Consider during Your Swimming Pool Renovation

Things to Consider during Your Swimming Pool Renovation

The swimming pool season is almost here. While people in tropical parts of the world get to use their pools throughout the whole year, most of us are limited to just a couple of warm months. However, regardless of your whereabouts, if you want to do some renovation work, maybe update the design of your pool or add new features, spring is the perfect time for it.

swimming pool renovations

As a long-time pool owner, you probably already know what maintenance work you need to do. That is why, today, we will focus on the renovation process. So, if you need to do some minor or major repairs, or if you want to give your pool a brand new look, read on.

Picking a design for the pool

First, you need to pick a design for the pool; that is if you are renovating your pool entirely. If you are just doing some repairs, then you can skip this part. When picking a design, you need to know your limits. Often, people have unrealistic expectations and get disappointed when their requirements cannot be met. For example, you can’t renovate your tiny backyard swimming pool and turn it into one of those infinity pools that you see in Beverly Hills mansions. Well, you can; but that isn’t a renovation, that is a complete rebuild.
So, keep things simple. Decide what new features you want to add to your pool.

swimming pool renovations

Fortunately, there is a ton to choose from. You can add a jacuzzi section for warm baths in the winter, put a foldable roof over the pool so that you can use it even if the weather is not perfect, install underwater lights for night time swims, and so on.

Inspect the structure

After you’ve settled on the design, you need to inspect the structure of your pool. This is without a doubt the most important part of your renovation work. All that water weight and pressure can cause cracks in pipes and tiles. But water is not your only enemy; small ground movements, which we usually don’t notice, can cause damage as well. While most of these cracks won’t cause immediate damage to your pool, over time, they can expand. So, it’s important to address them as soon as possible. Get in contact with a professional pool repair company, and have them evaluate the structure of your pool.

swimming pool renovations

Besides the cracks, your pool pipes can easily clog up. Leaves, small tree branches, roots, and other types of debris can find their way into your pipe system and cause blockages and all sorts of other problems. While in the past some blockages required tearing down the pipes, nowadays, things are handled more elegantly. Everyone should take note from the sunny continent of Australia. After all, almost 12% of Aussies own a swimming pool, so they know what they are doing.

So what is their preferred method of cleaning swimming pool pipes?

Well, the method is called pipe relining. It offers an unintrusive solution for fixing and unclogging your pipes and drains. The ‘no dig’ pipe relining in Sydney and other urban areas is extremely popular due to its high efficiency and practicality. The best part, this method will clean and unclog the pipes, as well as fix any cracks and damages.

The devil is in the details

Finally, don’t forget to address the small issues with your pool. For example, after years of use, your pool will develop stains in between the tiles. While they don’t affect the structure and quality of the water, they are not a pleasant sight. So, while your pool is drained during your renovation works, make sure to bring in a cleaning crew to take care of this problem. Also, you can use this time to replace the damaged tiles, add better filters, and so on.

swimming pool renovations

How complicated your pool renovation will be, depends on what you are planning to do. However, regardless if you are adding new features or just fixing some minor problems, you should have your pipes inspected, cleaned, and repaired if needed.

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