20 DIY Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Giving a child a chance to show dad love and appreciation on Father’s Day will help grow the bond between father and child. Sure, you can buy something from the store or even let your child pick out a special gift but we all know that a small handmade gift is something your child will take true pride in. So, this year, instead of ONLY buying a gift, let your child add to Dad’s gift by making something extra special. Here are some DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

DIY Gift Ideas

Homemade Slingshot

This is a fun one for an older child to make for the playful dad. Your child could make one for themself and one for dad. Quality time to follow with slinghot competitions in the backyard! They can even make personalized bullseye papers to go with it!

Make Your Own Birdfeeder

For the dad who enjoys nature. This handmade bird feeder will last much longer than a wooden feeder, giving dad years of relaxing on the back deck watching the birds! 

Darth Vader Hanger

If dad loves Star Wars, this Darth Vader hanger is a great handmade gift. Dad can hang it on his office door, car mirror, or even on a wall.

Personalized T-Shirt

Personalize a shirt for dad using his favorite color shirt and a little paint! 


Here is a good one for the dads who love to grill! Even little kids can help make this gift!

Craftsman Bow

For those who are purchasing a gift, make it extra special by making this creative bow using items laying around. 

Superhero Sleep Eye Mask

Superheros need to sleep too! Let dad show off his super powers while getting a good nights sleep with these creative superhero eye masks!

Wooden Photo Card

Paper cards get tossed out but a wooden card can be displayed as a “photo frame” on a mantel, office desk, or dresser. 

Men’s Essential Oil Soap

Help dad relax AND smell good with handmade soaps with essential oils. It will also give your child a chance to learn about the benefitsofo using essential oils.

Candy Jar – Free Jar Label Printable!

For all the candy loving dads, let your children fill up a mason jar of dad’s favorite candy and attach one of the free jar label printable. 

Daddy Interview – Free Printable

Especially for the younger children, these can turn out quite humerous! Kids always come up with crazy stuff!

Handdrawn Key Chain for Dad

Skrinky Dinks are so much fun. Let your child draw their version of Dad. 

Apron – Free Pattern

This is a great gift for an older child to make whose dad loves to cook.

Photo Holder 

Allow your child to add their favorite photo of them and dad! The bottom of the box can even be used to display the “Dad Rocks” gift idea below!

Grill Plater

The possibilities are endless of what your child draws!

Dad Rocks

Hand painted rocks are something that has been a fun craft for children for many years but has exploded in popularity over the last year. Make a paperweight for dad’s desk to remind him how special he is!

Handpainted Hammer

Buy any wooden hammer and allow your child to personalize it just for dad!

Footprint Painting

This can be done as a keepsake with even a baby’s footprint!

Self Portrait of Daddy

Another one of those crafts that you never know the humor that might come from having your child depict dad through art!

Personalized Frame

Make a frame using old Scrabble tiles!

I would love to see your child’s creations. Post to Facebook and tag @myfourandmore so I can see them!

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  1. Oh my goodness! Some of these are so cute! Pinning for use later. Thank you!

  2. My dad is a tool guy. He would really love the measuring tape bow with washers on it.

  3. These are some great ideas that my kids can do. I love the hammer & key rings.

  4. These are All so cute I love the interview because you know their answers will be funny and adorable the tape measure bow to put on the gift is really neat and the drawings also of course are adorable and funny

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