A Friend Who Hold Your Hand Through the Pain

A Friend Holds On To Help Hold You Up


Have you ever gone through a really tough time in your life? Like times when you want to crawl into bed and never get out? It is times like that, that you have your best friend there to hold your hand. Times when it seems like the only thing that is keeping you going is that phone call from a friend, an encouraging text, a fun girl’s night or just a good talk at a coffee shop! friend I saw this picture of my friend’s little girl on facebook. She was getting her ears pierced for her birthday. How sweet is it that her friend was holding her hands through the pain?! It caught my eye but then it also caught my heart.  friend What most don’t know is this little girl has been through it at such a young age. Losing her dad a couple years ago was something no one ever imagined. With family and friends rallying around her, her mom and her siblings, they have made it through that trial. Now, that doesn’t mean there aren’t still days that are tough and missing him isn’t a topic in their home, BUT, having friends who have held their hand through the painful times has made such a difference!  friend Over my life, I have gone through some tough times but this past year has honestly been the worst of all my 35 years. There were days where I wasn’t sure if I could face the day ahead of me. Days when I didn’t want to lift my head off my pillow. However, I had friends who were relentless on making sure I was doing ok. They encouraged me when I didn’t even want to be encouraged. Have you ever been there?  I spent over 80 days in the hospital in 2016. I can say, it was NOT a fun year. Here I am on the other side of it all. With what seemed like a never-ending battle with serious depression, my friends stuck by me. Praying for me, loving on me and just being there for me in any way possible. That is TRUE friendship. Some left. Some couldn’t handle the pain of it all and I understand. The ones who stayed with me through it all…. they are the ones who I don’t ever want to let go of.  friend Do you have a friend like that? Someone who just knows you? They just always seem to know the perfect timing of when you need a pick me up. Ones who can hear you say “hello” and know instantly that you are having a bad day? Those are the kind of people who you need to hold a little tighter and love a little more. You never know when your day will be that you need a hand to hold through the pain and tears! 


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  1. I have wonderful friends at work that I see each day and we talk and help each other through the bad times. Hope you have a healthy and Happy New Year!

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