Enjoy a Pest Free Yard This Spring and Summer

Tips for Keeping a Pest Free Yard

Sometimes, keeping your yard pest free seems like a never-ending battle. I want my to truly enjoy spending time outside but often, I wind up with mosquito bites galore and so do my kiddos! But, there is good news! Keep reading, for several tips in regard to eliminating pesky intruders from your outdoor living space. It may be simpler than you think.

pest free yard

Leaves and Branches Cleaned Up

Clean up fallen leaves and branches in the spring. This type of yard debris represents the perfect safe harbor for insects to hide and breed.

Cut Grass Often

Keep your lawn cut short. Tall grass provides shelter for bugs. Allowing plants like clover and dandelion to mature causes them to flower. This typically attracts even more bugs than you started with.

pest free yard

Eliminate Standing Water

Get rid of standing water, where mosquitoes and other bugs breed. Don’t leave buckets and other containers on the porch. Rain collects in them, creating pools for mosquitoes to multiply.

Plants Help Naturally

Invest in plants that keep mosquitoes at bay. Marigolds and chrysanthemums are two flowers commonly used as a natural pest repellent.

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pest free yard

Rid Any Trash

Make sure to adequately maintain your garbage and recycling containers. If they don’t have proper lids, buy them. It’s the best way to keep flies (and odors) away.

Candles Go a Long Way

A few citronella candles go a long way. Use them. They come in many shapes and sizes, whether it’s a small candle for the patio table or a large torch for along a walkway.

pest free yard

Clean Up After Yourself

If your family eats outdoors, make sure that no food scraps go unnoticed. Also, keep dishes covered or inside when your family members are done serving themselves.

Turn Off the Porch Light

Avoid leaving your porch light on all night, if it isn’t necessary. These lights draw in lots of bugs that can easily make their way into your home the same time you do.


Consider using an insecticide for your lawn. Many brands offer sprays you attach to your hose and then apply to your lawn.

pest free yard

Of course, you don’t have to take advantage of all of these tips. But, remember, every little thing you do helps. Pests CAN be sneaky. However, that doesn’t mean they’ll get the best of you.

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3 thoughts on “Enjoy a Pest Free Yard This Spring and Summer

  1. I may have to try Marigolds and chrysanthemums. I hate all the mosquitoes around my apartment!

  2. Thank you for tips to keep flies and bugs out…have done 2 our of 3 tips, but even without the lights out, they still get in.

  3. Thanks for the tips. Mosquitoes LOVE our youngest daughter. Every summer, she looks like she has chicken pox!

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