A Friend Who Hold Your Hand Through the Pain

A Friend Holds On To Help Hold You Up


Have you ever gone through a really tough time in your life? Like times when you want to crawl into bed and never get out? It is times like that, that you have your best friend there to hold your hand. Times when it seems like the only thing that is keeping you going is that phone call from a friend, an encouraging text, a fun girl’s night or just a good talk at a coffee shop! friend Continue reading

Fire Will Make You Stronger or Break Down

Are You Letting the Fire Make or Break You?

Which Do YOU Choose?

Did you know that putting objects in the fire such as steel, pottery, and gold (as well as other metals) actually strengthens them? By putting them in the fire and heated at extremely high temperatures then cooling the object down strengthens them to their max. Although stuff like paper and wood will break down to just ashes in high heat! HIGH HEAT can build something stronger or break it down to NOTHING. 

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How A Broken Washing Machine Made My Day #Blessed

When What Seems Like Big Trials Turn Out To Really Not Be So Big

For the second time this week, our washing machine decided to give out. Needless to say, I was pretty frustrated that as soon as I thought it was up and running again, it breaks right before Christmas. This time I believe it was the last time running for this washing machine.

Washing Machine Continue reading