Are You Letting the Fire Make or Break You?

Which Do YOU Choose?

Did you know that putting objects in the fire such as steel, pottery, and gold (as well as other metals) actually strengthens them? By putting them in the fire and heated at extremely high temperatures then cooling the object down strengthens them to their max. Although stuff like paper and wood will break down to just ashes in high heat! HIGH HEAT can build something stronger or break it down to NOTHING. 

My Personal Fire

For the longest time, I was dealing with what seemed like blow after blow of events that just kept me down. REALLY DOWN. After a miscarriage and some medical problems, I was hospitalized for severe depression for 80 plus days of the last year and just couldn’t seem to get past it all. (of course, having a hysterectomy in the mix and having severe reactions to medications didn’t help). Every time I would start to feel better, another event would take place that knocked me back down. That was until I decided I was tired of fighting.

Fighting against your battles gets tiring but when you decide to just let go of what is taking place and embrace it…. life will get easier. There has still been blow after blow of what sure seems like a never-ending flow of bad things happening but it’s different this time. I have decided that no matter what is going on, I can still be happy. I can still have joy! Yeah, it is still not fun when the transmission going out on my car, long time friendships broken, the medical bills stack seeming to grow each day, my grandpa having a heart attack hundreds of miles away, tearing ligaments in my ankle, washing machine giving up, my daughter’s adoption taking for what seems like forever, and the list goes on and on. But such is life! 


I have been put through the fire with infertility, miscarriage, broken friendships, and just day to day problems life throws. For a long time, I let the high heat break me down. Down to almost NOTHING. Have you been broke down to nothing? It’s ok. Start now and let those situations in life turn you INTO something STRONGER…. something that you could ONLY be if you had been through that fire!


Fire Hurts But Is Good For You!

Did you know that when precious gold is heated, it may lose it’s form for a little while but then is made into something more beautiful than it was before? It is still gold but it is a stronger form and a more beautiful piece of gold after the fire. It’s ok to be sad but then you have to see what you can get out of the situation, regroup your thoughts and press on! Use those times where it felt like you couldn’t get through even one more day to make you stronger than you have ever been! It IS possible! I am living proof! 


One more thing to remember is that your fire may not be the same as someone else’s. Never try comparing or say that what they are going through isn’t as tough as what you are dealing with. It is reality to them just like your trials are reality to you! I may never have lost a spouse but you may never have had to face never carrying a child. Every life is different. Every struggle is real. Don’t ever forget that!

8 Replies to “Fire Will Make You Stronger or Break Down”

  1. I keep going back to Romans 5:3-5 and Zechariah 13;9. Zechariah says “I will refine them like silver and test them like gold. They will call on my name and I will answer them; I will say ‘they are my people’ and they will say ‘the Lord is our God’.” Wow wow wow!

  2. Such a great piece of writing and I know first hand how it can be and feel to struggle through day to day life, thank you for shaing

  3. This is such a true and honest post. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I 100% agree people cannot compare hurts. Pain is pain. I can identify with you on some of the pain, I had a miscarriage a few years ago and it still hurts. I remember the day I found out at the drs. office, I’m pretty sure that I howled like a wounded animal. It was like no other cry or pain that I have ever felt before and I never want to feel that again. You are strong. The fire hasn’t broken you. It has forged you.You are a warrior.

  4. This is such a great analogy! And you are right, we are all fighting our own battle…and they are never the same. Thank you for this post.

  5. I’ve been down to nothing this week I know exactly how you have felt I have not seen a day this week that I could hardly get a happy thought been wondering what this life is even for it seems just pain I feel like I could just die of a broken heart. Pastor Mark sermon today did shed a lot of light on the way I’ve been feeling I had forgotten God’s grace and he’s working in my life for my good but it sure does hurt. What you wrote sounded just like me it sure did help. Love you!

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