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New Outdoor Games for Indoor/Outdoor Play

We like having options of fun things to do here on summer break. Not all the time does the weather want to cooperate with outdoor fun, so having a mix of entertainment for both indoor and outdoors is really important. My kids know that if I hear the words “I’m bored”, they will get a chore to do. I feel, as a mom, it is my duty to give them opportunities they will love to keep them entertained and challenge their minds. These games and activities from Goliath Games have been great for the sunny days AND the rainy days so far this summer!

Googly Eyes

We brought this game to a teen activity (for those who don’t know, my husband is a youth pastor). Basically, it is a drawing game where the one drawing wears, what I call, beer goggles. The goggles hold three different strength lenses that distort your vision. Others have to guess what you drew.

new outdoor games

We played it a little different than the original directions simply due to a lack of time. We broke the teens into two groups and played it where the drawer’s team had to guess what they were drawing before the time ran out! They laughed and laughed! I will leave you with this hilarious video that shows just how much fun it is!

Zoom Ball

This is a MUST if you have kids ages eight and up. My boys (and husband) had an absolute “blast” with this game! Literally! Blow up a few water balloons, load them in the ball, and send the ball flying across to the other player.

new outdoor games

Players pass it back and forth. The harder you pass the ball, the higher the chance that your opponent will get wet! The anticipation on my boy’s faces while playing with the Zoom Ball was priceless. 

new outdoor games

Build or Boom

Another great game of skill and anticipation. Pick a “blueprint” (playing card with the blueprint of what the finished product should look like), then players have to quickly build an exact replica of what is on the blueprint before their opponent. When finished, players squeeze the handle which explodes the masterpiece, making pieces fly everywhere!

new outdoor games

Rocket Fishing Rod

Fishing can be a hassle when taking younger children. My son tested this rod out and loved it but decided that he needed to give it to his younger sister so that she can actually fish. She has a hard time knowing how to cast her bait into the pond without hooking trees or people along the way. All you have to do is pump, launch, and reel!! The line casts up to  30 feet and is easy for a child to operate all on their own. Don’t forget to also grab a Bait Bucket, too!

new outdoor games

Mastermind for Kids

Mastermind is a great strategy game. If you want to encourage your kids to expand their thinking, make sure you check out Mastermind for Kids.

new outdoor games

One player places three jungle animals inside the secret compartment (only visible to them but you can see them hiding in the photo above to the far left), the other player begins by placing any combination of jungle animals on the board. The player who can see the code gives their opponent clues by telling them which jungle animals the opponent had picked the correct color and in the correct placement by placing the red and white pieces next to their guess. The opponent then selects 3 more jungle animals, using the clues given in the first round. Players continue this until the opponent guesses the right code!

Barbeque Party

My daughter enjoyed playing this with my husband and, truth be told, she enjoyed playing it all by herself, too! Players take turns flipping over a card and then placing whatever the vegetable that is on the card, onto the grill. Eventually, the grill grate pops off sending the veggies flying. Another great game of anticipation (which my daughter loves). 

new outdoor games

Whether she plays by herself, or with other people, the look on her face each time a veggie is placed on the grill is priceless. You can just see the anticipation on her face! Check out this bottom picture! Ha!

new outdoor games

Thank you, Goliath Games for great, new indoor and new outdoor games for our family to enjoy over this summer! 

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