BTDT Moms’ Guide to Sending Kids to College

BTDT Moms’ Guide to Sending Kids to College

As we’re approaching the end of the year, you’ve probably already started to freak out about your kids’ freshmen year and everything it brings along the way. If that’s the case – welcome to the club! Sending your kids to college can be a really challenging and frustrating experience, so stay with us and keep on reading if you want to know how to overcome all the obstacles. Here are five useful tips you should stick to, so check them out!

Make sure you acknowledge the great changes in your life

Sending kids to college is an extremely important milestone in every parent’s life. It means that your little ones are growing up into responsible young people thirsty for education and progress, which is why you should be really proud of them. However, that will inevitably bring some major changes in your life, since your children will move out and leave your family nest. One of the most important things to do is to acknowledge those big changes as soon as possible, since it’ll be much easier for you to properly deal with them, successfully overcome all the obstacles, and learn that it’s a completely natural process that needed to happen sooner or later.

Focus on your marriage, family, and relationships with other people

Yes, we understand that there’s a lot going on in your life, but you really have to keep moving and focus on relationships with other people in your life. This is a great way to spend some quality time with your partner once again since you probably didn’t have much time to do it when the kids were around. When your children leave for college, you’ll get an amazing opportunity to re-associate your husband with fun, relaxation, and excitement, which is always a good thing. Besides that, you should also spend more time with your friends, neighbors, and other family members as well. Bonding with them and having fun will surely help you overcome the sadness and start feeling happy again.

Finding appropriate accommodation for your freshman should be your top priority

The biggest concern that bothers parents of every freshman is accommodation since they always worry how their kids will adjust to the new environment. Once they know that their children are settled, parents will feel much more peaceful and they’ll undoubtedly find the transition much easier. That’s exactly why finding appropriate accommodation for your kids should be your top priority. Many freshmen actually opt for living on campus, which has so many social and academic benefits. On the other hand, there is also fully-furnished student accommodation in Melbourne CDB, which is a perfect home for students with its fantastic location near the two universities. No matter which one you choose for your freshmen, just make sure that they’re completely satisfied with their new home because that’s what counts.

Sending kids to college

Figure out how to help them choose classes, without making the final decision

Even though many parents feel that they should help their kids select their courses, the truth is that you probably shouldn’t help your kid do that – at least not directly. There are academic advisers whose job is to help freshmen find courses according to their personal interests that can meet the college requirements. Of course, you can always guide them towards particular ones, but try to stay away from making the final decision. Let your freshmen pick what they think is most suitable, but always be there for them for additional guidelines. When they’re aware of the fact that they can count on you, they’ll become much more dependent and responsible, which is exactly why you should help them without making the final decision.

Remember that you aren’t losing your kids once you send them off to college

A lot of parents fear that they’ll lose their kids when they drop them off at college in some way, but the truth is that it’ll actually be completely opposite. The majority of parents actually claim that they became much closer with their kids once they left home, which is definitely one of the best things that can happen in your parent-child relationship. Of course, feeling that you’re losing your baby is natural, since going to college is probably the first time you’ll be apart for so long, but you should always remember that your kids will always be your kids, no matter where they are. This should help you overcome all those problems without any problems.

Even though sending your kids to college can be a really traumatic and nerve-racking experience, the truth is that you’ll manage to overcome all those obstacles and become even closer with your kids. Just be sure to stick to our tips and you’ll see that everything is possible if you try hard enough.

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