From Broken to Beautiful – Adoption Story

 Story of Adoption

Be Still My Heart

I am republishing this post from January when this little angel officially became a part of our family, our third and final adoption (for now at least). If you would like to purchase the song my husband wrote about her, check it out on iTunes HERE!

How do I ever put into words what I am feeling?? Joy? Absolutely. Sadness? Yep. Let me tell you an extremely abbreviated version of our little blessing! 


My husband and I had already adopted two children but wanted to share our love and home with more children. We began the MAPPS classes for the department of social services with hopes to adopt another child. Preferably a girl. 

The Moment I Saw Her

About 2.5 years ago, while taking the classes, I was riding down the road when I caught a glimpse of a baby barely walking who was standing beside a busy road. She was in nothing but a diaper. Dirty with no adults in view. I went home very upset telling my husband, Josh, (with tears in my eyes) about how extremely burdened I was for the little girl I saw.

Numerous times, I would see the same little girl and a few other children playing outside the same home. My heart would ache. I would intentionally drive past just to see if I saw her again. Many times, I told Josh and others that I wanted to go get that little girl and bring her home with me!

Lord, Keep Her Safe

I approached our social worker and spent time praying for God to keep this little girl safe. 

I drove past time and time again with no trace of the little girl or her siblings. My heart was sad not knowing where she had gone or if she was safe!

On November 18th, around 2 pm, we got a call from our licensing social worker. The only thing they could tell us was that they had an 18-month-old female from a Spanish ONLY speaking home who needed placement. 

A Knock at the Door

At 5 pm we were told that they may not remove the child after all but they would let us know either way. Around 8 pm, there was a knock at our door. We were anxiously awaiting the arrival of this child. We open the door and in walks the social worker carrying a beautiful brown-eyed little girl who looked to be in total shock. I knew INSTANTLY it was HER!!! The little girl I had been telling others about was being handed over to me! All this time I had been saying I wanted to take her HOME and NOW she WAS HOME!


How she came to us

That night, she would fall asleep and wake up every so often. I would go in and try to comfort her knowing she couldn’t understand a word I was saying. I continued to tell her it would be ok and that I promised her I would do everything I could to take care of her and keep her safe. Oh, how thankful I am that LOVE is a universal language!


Next day shopping because she came with nothing


Time and time again through our fostering, obstacles would come and we would be told they may move her. I could not imagine NOT having her. How could such a miracle happen for her to be taken away?! Well, God knew all along she WAS HOME. THIS was home! There is so much to this story and I am sure I will share more in future posts.


When she came into our home, she was broken. Wouldn’t you if you were taken from a Spanish speaking home into a home where they talked “funny” (AKA English)? If they looked different? If the people who typically were there were not there to calm those fears? She had fears that we still probably could never comprehend. 


How do you comfort a child who doesn’t have a clue what you are even saying?! 

One word LOVE!

LOVE made this child come from being broken and full of fear to absolutely beautiful and so full of life. It’s amazing what true LOVE can do!


So now the question that I am sure is going through your mind. Why would you be sad if you just had this amazing miracle take place? Well, there are brothers and sisters. A mother and a father who are still grieving. My heart hurts for them. Regardless of what has happened in her past to lead her to our home, they are still hurting which makes me hurt. 

Pain and Blessings of Adoption

Fostering and adopting is such a blessing; yet, such a painful experience. You see, the hurt and pain of the birth family can’t just be “fixed”. My “fix the hurt” mentality can’t always truly “fix things” but I know in my heart that my life will never ever be the same as it was before that November day. I was meant to love this child as my own and am so honored that God would trust ME enough to be this little girl’s mamma!


Yesterday, I officially became this precious little girl’s mamma! I hope you enjoy this amazing little girl’s photos showing how far she has come. The little girl in the very first few pictures of this video now smiles, she now laughs til her belly hurts and has EVERYONE around her SO wrapped!!! Enjoy this short glimpse of the last 806 days we have had the privilege to love this precious child!


The third song in this video is one my husband wrote and recorded. 

National Adoption Month…

This month, come back each day to read a little more about adoption. I will be sharing stories about our experiences and even have some guest writers who have experienced adoption from all different aspects! I hope to not only bring you “stories” but I hope that you can walk away saying that you are far more educated about adoption. Please be respectful in any comments made below. Remember that not every story is the same and there ARE some out there hurting because of adoption.  

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