5 Things Mums Should Know Before Going Back to College

5 Things Moms Should Know Before Going Back to College

A big decision even for a teen with all the time and support in the world, college is something most mums only dare dream about. Perhaps we were unfocused, or perhaps our child came at an unexpected time in our life – whatever the reason, we didn’t finish college when we were younger. For a lot of women, this feels like a missed opportunity. But what to do now, when our life is mostly settled, when we have a child to think about at all times and a family that needs us? Surely it’s too late, right? Actually, no. Finishing college is not a selfish thing, it’s something that could both help you feel more confident and help the financial situation of your family in the long run. If you’ve been thinking about higher education, we’re here to encourage you. There are some things that you should know before making this big step, so let’s talk about them and you will see what the best decision for you might be.

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7 Life Skills High Schoolers Need to Build Before College

7 Life Skills High Schoolers Need to Build Before College

life skills

They’ve enrolled into college, what’s next? You probably think that the only thing a high schooler needs to do before college is maintain his studying routine and do his best while there. However, there are also several skills they need to build in order not to have any difficulties while there. Some are directly linked to college, while others are mostly connected to the adult life. Let’s not forget – college is not only about education. It’s about learning how to live without parents, how to take care of yourself and become a responsible adult. Here are the seven most important skills any high schooler has to build before college: Continue reading

How to Help Your Grandchildren Get into College

How to Help Your Grandchildren Get into College


College is one of the greatest opportunities your grandchild will have. It’s the step that will later take them where they want to go in life, something that will influence everything from their careers to their family. It’s also one of the most stressful things that young people have to go through, but there’s a lot that grandparents can do to help. You can go on this journey and lend them the wisdom of your experience and the love and comfort they will surely need, you can help them push through the doubt and insecurity and pick the right path for them. If you want a few tips on how to do that, read on. Continue reading

BTDT Moms’ Guide to Sending Kids to College

BTDT Moms’ Guide to Sending Kids to College

As we’re approaching the end of the year, you’ve probably already started to freak out about your kids’ freshmen year and everything it brings along the way. If that’s the case – welcome to the club! Sending your kids to college can be a really challenging and frustrating experience, so stay with us and keep on reading if you want to know how to overcome all the obstacles. Here are five useful tips you should stick to, so check them out! Continue reading

MBA or not MBA? 8 Persuading Reasons Why You Need It?

Persuading Reasons

Are you considering pursuing an MBA, but are not convinced yet? Most of us were focused on becoming graduates, then, thinking about the next stage in life. You have finished your degree course, got lucky with a well-paying job.

The next probable question is whether you should pursue an MBA program. For one, it is very competitive and costs money. We hope that by the end of this post, you will choose to pursue an MBA.

If it is the need for MBA essay help that’s keeping you from sending in your application, the following reasons will boost your efforts:

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