I Am Thankful For – A Personal Testimony

Written by April Stephens

The personal testimony you are about to read is mine. 🙂  I haven’t shared it as much as I should have. I’ve decided it’s time to share what I’m most thankful for – my salvation, through my personal testimony.

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It’s Not About the Dragonfly ~ Casting Your Cares on God

Written by April Stephens 

We have been struggling around our house for a while now. You see, I have a 10 year old animal loving little boy with an insect project due in two weeks. We have been “collecting” bugs for about two months now (and by collecting, I mean I have been collecting bugs and he has been setting them free). We need 25 and until yesterday we had 15! No biggie you may say, but we have to find the bugs who have already died of natural causes and haven’t been invaded by our friends the ant family. Continue reading

The Eyes of a Man Are Never Satisfied

Proverbs 27:20

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For the days that I just need to vent to someone

“I just need to vent to someone”



I’m ashamed to say – I have said that many times and then followed through with my threat. Why do we feel the need to unload our burdens, our bitterness, our anger on an innocent soul? Continue reading


Guest post contributed by Beth Langley.  Before I begin, I have to put out a disclaimer.  I am by no means an expert on anything, but especially not the Christian walk.  I am, however, a mom trying my best to live a life so that my children will, “…arise up, and call her blessed…” Prov. 31:28.  I would be honored if you so choose to join me in my quest.       ~Beth~

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