Giving Your Child A Servant’s Heart

Raising Your Children To Love Others and Have a Servant’s Heart

What Every Child Should Learn

Having a true servant’s heart and being selfless is an incredibly hard thing to teach. Natural born thoughts are “ME, ME, ME”. Breaking your child from that can be very hard to do. Do I have all the answers, I WISH! I do know that it is one of the most important things I believe they should learn as a YOUNG child. Loving others and giving selflessly is one of the biggest contributors to a great life! When you hear someone say that someone has a heart of gold, typically their strongest character trait is a servant’s heart.
Servant's Heart

I have three kids ages 14, 9 and 3. Are they perfect??? NO WAY! Could I go on and on about each of their faults? ABSOLUTELY! One thing I will say is that they all in their own way have a heart for others. 

My oldest has a love for babies, toddlers and the elderly. His personality shines bright when he is given the time around those ages especially. My three year old has her big brother wrapped tightly around her little bitty finger! When she is in need of something, Cameron is usually the first to jump up and help. When we are at church or out in public, he will take time out to hold doors for elderly or lend a helping hand in any way possible.

Servant's heart

My 9-year-old has a heart of gold. He is extremely shy but when given the chance with one on one time, he will give everything he has! He has an extreme heart for those less fortunate. We are foster parents and one day, we were babysitting two children who had just come into the foster care system. I had both of them as well as my kids outside to play. The little boy was much younger but about the same size as my 9-year-old (who was 7 at the time). The little boy’s shoes kept falling off because they were too big and the laces were missing. In 40 something degree weather, my son took his shoes off and helped this little boy put shoes on his feet! Talk about being blessed! My son, Ryan, didn’t even think twice. He literally GAVE him the shoes right off his own feet. 

My 3-year-old and I went to a nursing home with my son’s 4th-grade class. While we were there, she ran straight to an elderly man and gave him the biggest hug. She didn’t say much but the hug she gave him had him smiling from ear to ear. I never even pushed her to hug him. It was just something she decided on her own. After she hugged him, another resident asked for a hug. She cheerfully made her rounds loving on each of the residents. 

Servant's Heart

You see, my kids are all different in the way they show their love to others. You may ask… how do you get your children to do that kind of stuff?! Well, that’s easy…. I put them around it! Make sure you are giving your children the opportunity to serve. Look for ways they can be involved. All it takes is feeling the deep satisfaction it feeds to their soul when giving selflessly to others and you will be surprised to see how much they respond! 

Look for teaching moments

When you see someone has a need, point it out to your kids and see how they react. Encourage them to look for needs others have. Most of all, BE THE EXAMPLE! You can’t expect more from your children than you are willing to do. Listen to that again… You can’t expect MORE from your children than YOU are willing to do!

I would love to hear about what your kids have done to help others!!! Please share in the comments below about their servant’s heart. It’s ok to brag on your kids for doing right!

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