Protect Your Child’s Hearing, They Will Thank You Later!

Protecting Your Child’s Hearing

Have you ever been around an elderly person who is hard of hearing and felt bad that they had to ask you three or four times what you said? The generation that is now in their 70’s and 80’s may struggle with being hard of hearing but imagine what it will be like when YOUR child’s generation reaches their 70’s and 80’s. With this generation being a generation exposed to endless electronic devices, think about what all of that is doing to their hearing! Protecting your child’s hearing needs to be a top priority!

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Lucid Audio HearMuffs – Audiologist Approved!

Our children live in a busy… and loud world. It seems as though the philosophy with even the new toys is… the louder, the better. I know by natural progression, my children will one day become hard hearing. That is part of aging but it doesn’t HAVE to be more than just the natural. Protecting your children’s hearing in every way possible is vital! Lucid Audio’s HearMuffs Sounds became such a supported product that they decided to provide the same protection for our older “babies”. Now, Lucid Audio has the Lucid Audio HearMuffs Trio for ages five to ten!

child's hearing

Lucid Audio HearMuffs Sounds

Lucid Audio HearMuffs Sounds protect your child’s hearing which allows them to enjoy four soothing sounds such as Lullaby, 
Babbling Creek, White Noise & Heartbeat. The HearMuffs also allow voices to be heard while limiting other potentially harmful noises down to a more comfortable level (max volume of 60DB). 

child's hearing

The machine washable patented GrowBand adjusts and comfortably fits a wide range of head sizes for ages birth to four-years-old. 

Lucid Audio Kids HearMuffs Trio

Once your child outgrows their HearMuffs Sounds (from birth to four-years-old), they can transition to the HearMuffs Trio for kids. Made for children ages five to ten-years-old, the HearMuffs Trio takes it a step further. By this time, your child is more than likely interested in wearing headphones for media purposes. The Kids HearMuffs Trio doesn’t just serve as a barrier from loud noises but also as safe headphones for listening to music, watching movies, playing video games and more. It keeps the volume at a safe level!

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My thoughts!

We go to many different shows, live entertainment, and even enjoy riding noisy four-wheelers! Sometimes, I don’t think about how it will affect my children long term to have such loud volumes blasting into their ears. I don’t want to stop doing the things we love but I did need to find safer ways of enjoying them. 

child's hearing

My son has always had extra sensitive hearing. He doesn’t like it when it is too loud. He says everything echoes when it is too loud. His idea of loud and mine are different. He is just more sensitive after having constant ear infections as a baby. He had a 30% temporary hearing loss as a child from the damage done to his eardrums. He had severe food allergies that we were not aware of which was causing constant drainage that would lead to bad ear infections. Now that his hearing is back to normal, the volume seems extra loud to him after years of hearing at only 70%. He is a small 11-year-old so the Kids HearMuffs Trio fit him. He loves wearing them to keep from hearing an echo sound! 

child's hearing

Don’t regret not protecting your child’s hearing. YOU can protect it with Lucid Audio HearMuffs!

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