Non-Candy Easter Basket Gift Ideas Under $20

Non-Candy Easter Basket Gift Ideas

All Under $20

Candy is the typical go-to for filling up your child’s Easter Basket. Stop for a moment and think about what is in store for you if you fill up a basket with nothing but candy… cavities, hyped up kids, irritable children, and a big mess! Not that candy inside your child’s Easter basket is a mistake but let’s think a little outside the box and find other items that you can add into their baskets this year!

Easter Basket ideas

Pressman Toys 6-in-1 Travel Magnetic Games

non-candy easter

Bring a game on your next road trip, SIX games that are all in one! Choose between playing the game of Checkers, Chess, Backgammon, Parcheesi, Chinese Checkers, and Snakes and Ladders. All you have to do is turn the knob when you are ready to move to the next game! Great for ages 7 and up. Made for 2-4 players!

Adora Magic Sippy Set

non-candy easter

For the baby doll lovers, bring back the memories of when you were a child withAdora’s Magic Sippy Set. This set includes a pacifier, sippy cup of orange juice, and a bottle of milk. As your child tips the cup or bottle, the juice, and milk disappear as if the baby is drinking it all gone! Enter the code myfourandmore at checkout and recieve 15% off!

PARA’KITO Kid’s Mosquito Repellent Band and Gel

non-candy easter

Fashion and functionality meet with PARA’KITO’s Mosquito Repellent Adjustable Bands for kids. No more stinky, sticky, chemicals needing to be sprayed on your child. Simply attach the colorful, fashionable band to your child’s wrist and keep the pesty mosquitos away. PARA’KITO wearable bands uses a proven and patented formula made of of all-essential oils that deter mosquitos. The bands are waterproof too!

Wild Republic Huggers Slap Bracelet Bunny

non-candy easter

Slap bracelets have made a come back from when I was a child. This bunny from Wild Republic takes slap bands to a new level by combining a slap band and a stuffed animal into one. The slap band will reach around and arm, a leg, another stuffed animal, and even a phone. Wild Republic’s super soft Huggers come in 35 different animals but the Hugger bunny will make an extra perfect addition to your child’s Easter basket!

Kosmos Rabbits Hat Magic Tricks

non-candy easter

Sometimes it is hard to find a fun addition to your older child’s Easter basket. Rabbit’s Hat Magic Tricks will bring a non-candy, non-electronic alternative to your older child’s Easter basket. Inside each hat is everything they will need to learn and perform 2-3 magic tricks. Build your child’s confidence by giving them the chance to master a simply yet magical trick!

Goliath Games Silly Safari

non-candy easter

With 56 two-sided cards, players will be heading on a safari! It is time to use the cards to find what animal is missing from all your favorite animals. The Silly Safari will help encourage your children to be more observant. Be the first to figure out what animals have gone missing and be on your way to win Silly Safari!

Adora BathTime Baby Tot, Kitty

Bringing a baby doll in the tub is no longer a big no-no. The Adora BathTime Baby Tot is made for the tub and pool. The 8.5″ doll is the perfect size to include in a pool bag and even in an Easter Basket! The QuickDry body is 100% machine washable! No need for clothing because this baby comes all set in her bathing suit and a removable hooded bath robe. Get 15% off by entering the code myfourandmore at checkout.

Boom Goes the Dynamite

non-candy Easter

Boom Goes the dynamite is an old school card game with lots of fun and exciting twist. Each player battles using their ignite cards to make matched pairs. With be timer and wild cards, each game and round is sure to be full of twist and laughter. The great thing is this is a great learning game for elementary children yet exciting enough with its challenges to entertain even adults!  

3Up 3Down

non-candy easter

3up 3down provides a fast-paced option for the family game night. This award-winning game challenges players to be the first to discard all of their cards. Watch out though, three of your cards will be hidden to you until after you have discarded your other six cards! If you get stuck on a turn that you can’t play you must pick up the entire discard pile! With a little luck and a whole lot of laughter, this game can provide a great time for all ages! 

Original Eggmazing Egg Decorator 

non-candy easter

Color your Easter eggs with this no-dye craft kit! Using the eight colorful markers that are included, decorating Easter eggs just got more fun! As the spinner spins the egg, the kids can get creative with different designs and color combinations. Since no one has to touch the egg to decorate, there is no mess like there is traditional Easter egg decorating!

Goliath Games Caveman

non-candy easter

Who knows how to speak Caveman language? If you don’t, you will by the time you are done playing Goliath Games, Caveman game. This matching game is for ages six and up. It is an easy to learn and quick playing game! 

SmartGames Jump IN’

non-candy easter

SmartGames Jump’IN will definitely get your brains in gear. The logic game is recommended for ages seven and up. The game is easy to carry with you anywhere in its travel case. Problem solve by using the 60 challenge cards to help rabbits find safety by jumping over mushrooms and sliding foxes into the safety of their homes. This is a great one-player game.

SmartGames Deducktion

non-candy easter

Another great one-player game is SmartGames DeDuckTion game geared for ages six and up. The game comes in a book form with 48 brain teaser challenges and magnetic ducks to use for the game pieces. Place the three duck families so that all the ducklings are following their mothers using the color based and numerical clues.

Constructive Eating

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How fun can eating be for toddlers? A TON of fun with these Fairy Garden utensils from Constructive Eating. Each set comes with a Garden Rake Fork, a Garden Shovel Spoon, and a Garden Hoe Pusher to help little ones guide their food properly. The utensils will help the children learn proper, mess-free ways of eating. No paints, lead, Bisphenol A (BPA), PVC, and no Phthalates used to make these utensils. 

Packable Pails

non-candy easter

Summer activities will be here before you know it! Why use an Easter basket that will never be reused again? The Packable Pails makes a great and functional Easter basket. The Pails were created by a mom to help save space. Traditional sand buckets can be an aggravating item to store, with Packable Pails, you can collapse each pail after use to pack neatly away. Use coupon code 4andmore to save 25% (Expires 4/16).

Super Cool Putty 3-Pack 

non-candy easter

Super Cool Putty from Kangaroo Manufacturing gives children (and adults) hours of simple fun. It can be stretched, squeezed, shaped, and even bounced! The Super Cool Putty comes in three different color variations with colors that don’t fade with play. This is a great option for children with short attention spans who need constant activity to stay focused whether it be autism or ADHD, hands-on play can help concentration, focus, and anxiety relief!

Think Fun Roll & Play

non-candy easter

Designed for toddlers, Roll & Play is a great game to teach children their colors, numbers, language skills, and even reading. Players roll the soft, cloth die to see what color it lands on. Depending on what color it lands on, the player will follow whatever the card says. It is not a win-lose game which helps children to truly JUST have fun!

Moosh Moosh Pillows Series 3

non-candy easter

Snuggle, sleep, or even play with Moosh-Moosh Plush Buddies. One of the softest, squishiest pillow on the market with different characters to choose from. They are made from 100% polyester and loved by ALL ages! 

PlayMonster My Fairy Garden Tree Hollow

non-candy easter

My Fairy Garden is not just another fairy garden, children do not just put plants in the garden but they PLANT their very own garden with enclosed soil and quick-germinating seeds. Then can watch it grow a little more each day as they play. It’s a toy but also a way to teach children how to tend to a garden and connect with nature. 

Spring Smencils

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Five scented #2 pencils, called Smencils, come in a package guaranteed to last for two full years. Made from 100% recycled newspapers and packaged in its own recyclable plastic tube, the Smencils will have your kid the talk of the class, for a good reason. Smell good pencils aren’t all, these Spring Smencils also come with five different collectible character top caps!

Sketch & Sniff Spring Gel Crayons 5-Pack 

non-candy easter

Not only can your child have good smelling pencils, but they can also have scented gel crayons with five different scents. As they draw, they can enjoy the fun scents. Talk about getting your kid doodling, they won’t want to stop with these fun crayons! Just like the Smencils, they are guaranteed to keep the scent for two years.

Spring 10 Inch Bunny Plush – Blueberry

Most children love a snuggly bunny to sleep with but what about a snuggly AND scented bunny?! Blueberry is JUST like his name, he comes with a blueberry scent that you will smell just as soon as you open the box (and the delicious scent will last for two years). These are available in both pink and blue! Save 20% on this spring product when you use coupon ‘springishere

Smanimals Backpack Buddies: Cotton Candy

non-candy easter

Smanimals backpack clips can be clipped onto your child’s backpack, purse, luggage, or anywhere else that it could attach around! There are six different characters to choose from, all six with different scents. They are only 4 inches tall which is the perfect size for clipping on a backpack. Save 20% on this spring product when you use coupon ‘springishere

Hunny Bunny Bubble Gum

non-candy easter

Want an Easter bunny plush that fits perfectly inside your child’s Easter basket, meet Hunny Bunny! A familiar bubble gum scent will make your child LOVE this bunny. Inside the bunny are environmentally friendly ceramic clay beads that have been infused with a gourmet scent to last two years! 

Air Dough: Garden World

non-candy easter

Get creative this Easter with this lightweight, amazing dough, Air Dough. Inside the “Garden World” kit, you will find six vibrant colors, six basic tools, and instructions on how your child can make their first masterpiece. Perfect for ages three and up, Air Dough won’t stick to fabric and is virtually mess free! It is not for eating BUT if your child gets a little in their mouth (we know how children are sometimes), the Air Dough is non-toxic and gluten-free. It dries overnight for a lasting masterpiece!

Brick Mates Lock and Learn

non-candy easter

Compatible with other brands, Brick Mates Lock and Learn gives children ages two and up a chance to learn how to pop these bricks right into their proper places. The Farm Puzzle helps them learn about farm animals but it also helps encourage fine motor and STEM skills at an early age. 

Brick Mate Stack by Numbers

non-candy easter

Geared more for the older children (ages five and up), Brick Mates, Stack by Numbers encourages the fine motor skills while also aiding in counting skills. Children will also learn about patterns and forming art with the patterns. Once complete, the Stack by Number can also be an art decoration!

Calico Critters Baby Shopping Series Blind Bags

non-candy easter

The loved Calico Critters are showing up as a SURPRISE for your children. Blind bags are becoming an obsession in children, they love the anticipation of finding out which character is hiding inside the packaging. Which one of these eight characters will your child wind up with? Or maybe they will find the extra special “mystery character”. Collect them all. 

Lil Woodzees Bobbleez 

non-candy easter

Time to join in on the Hollow’s Scavenger Hunt! What is inside these acorns?! Guess you will have to find out! Inside each acorn is a Woodzeez character… which one is hiding in yours?!

Pass the Pigs

pass the pigs

In the game Pass the Pigs, players roll the pigs. Depending on how the pigs land determines the number of points they will receive for their turn. The first person to reach 100 points is the winner. This is a great travel game because it is compact and does not require a lot of room to play.

No Stress Chess

No Stress Chess

No Stress Chess offers players a way to play two different versions of chess. Players can decide between a standard chess game or a different style of chess. Cards depict what your next move is which helps young learners, learn the game without stress!

Let’s hear what you chose to add to your child’s Easter basket from this list!?

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  1. So many great ideas, thanks for sharing them! And we love SmartGames games too, they are amongst out favourites 😉

  2. These are some fantastic ideas if you want to avoid giving too much candy in Easter baskets this year. I’ll definitely be considering some of these.

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  9. These are great ideas. I remember trying to find things besides candy for my kids’ Easter Baskets. Some years were a lot tougher than others.

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    What a great idea. I definitely I will try not to buy sweet things for my kids and buy more educational toy this Easter.

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