Easter Basket Stuffers Your Family Will LOVE!

Easter Basket Stuffers Your Family Will LOVE

As you read this headline, probably the first thought that went through your head was: Really? Already? But it’s the beginning of March for crying out loud! And you are probably right. However, 2018 feels like the year of change, so why instead of panicking and rushing two days before Easter to get everything you need, you take your time and do everything slowly and IN time.

easter basket stuffers

If you don’t know precisely what your family members want, getting them presents can be quite a tricky job. However, I got you covered. Here are the best ideas that will definitely make your family members happy.

Your partner

Let’s start with the oldest members of the household – who said only kids should get Easter presents? We are also somebody’s child. However, us adults are always so “organized and practical” you know? And if you don’t know what your husband or wife currently needs or wants, it can be a little tricky. You can either go with something as a tie for your hubby or a new bracelet for your wifey. Or, you can be practical and go with a different kind of romantic gifts such as a gift card or a prepaid card surrounded with their favorite candy and give your loved one a total freedom of getting something they want for themselves – but accompanied by you of course.

easter basket stuffers


Okay, let’s move on to the children – the beautiful mysterious little devils. What is going on in their heads? What will they like and for how long will they like it? Let’s see.

Toddlers or small children

Toddlers are playful, fun and quick. Of course, one of the smartest options for a toddler is definitely some sort of toy. However, since it is Easter, it should be Easter related, am I right?

There’s a wide variety of toys to go with, depending on their age, since now is when they are developing the most. For example, if your child is six months and up, you can get him a set of plastic eggs in a cute egg carton. Each egg is decorated with a unique face and opens up to reveal a matching chick inside. Once they press the chick’s head, the chirping begins. This toy will both make your child laugh, and teach him a thing or two about colors.

Another great option is, of course, a stuffed bunny. This is the gift your child is going to treasure probably a whole year long (which is a long period of time in toddler terms).

easter basket stuffers

Grade school child

If there is one thing you can’t go wrong with when it comes to grade school crowd, it is definitely a set of Legos. Especially now when they are offering a wide variety of Easter-themed sets such as yellow chick, Easter bunny etc. Make sure you look it up online and see how great it is.

On the other hand, if you want your gift to be education-oriented, and to sneak a bit of learning in that basket as well, get your kid a memory game such as Bunny Hop. The goal of the game is to collect one bunny in each color by rolling a die and pressing a bunny in a matching color. This will teach your child color recognition as well as improve their memory skills, but above all, it is really fun.

Teenage Boy

What are his interests? Is he a Yankees or a Chicago Bulls fan (if you know what I mean)? Is he maybe a gamer? How does he spend his time? Depending on that, you will definitely know. Boys, especially teenage boys are simple when it comes to gifts. Either get him an XBOX or PC game he was begging you to get him, or brand new Pop figures of his favorite superheroes and fill the rest of the basket with candy.

easter basket stuffers

Teenage girl

Even though this is a cliché, with teenage girls, you can never go wrong with one of these three things: makeup, cosmetics, and cameras. When it comes to makeup, if you really don’t consider yourself as an expert, either do a little bit of spying and find out what she needs, or get her a set of her favorite brand; or, if all else fails, get her a gift card for Sephora (wink). The same goes for cosmetics. However, when it comes to cameras, the one thing that definitely won’t go out of style for a while is definitely a Polaroid camera. We just couldn’t forget them, and we never will.

I hope these ideas helped you figure out how to surprise your loved ones for the happiest holiday of them all. Have a fun and happy Easter everyone!


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4 thoughts on “Easter Basket Stuffers Your Family Will LOVE!

  1. I love making Easter baskets for my 2 daughters, who are soon to be 3 and 5 years old. They love and appreciate all treats, of course. I am also putting some educational toys in there this year and a little stuffed bunny.

  2. These are great Easter basket stuffers for all ages, thank you so much for sharing! I love making my own versus buying the store bought premade ones, it is so much fun personalizing them! 🙂

  3. I send my college student an Easter box every year. It has a little candy, $10 and small things she needs such as toothbrush, and fun such as a yogo.

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