How to Raise Active Kids

Parents have a tendency to keep children inside as much as possible these days because they prefer to know exactly where their children are, rather than let them out to roam freely throughout the neighborhood. However, concerns over their safety should include a desire to ensure that they are fit and healthy, which can only be achieved if they are active. Parents can raise active kids by following a few simple tips.

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Join in with them

From an early age, parents should make sure that they do plenty of activities with their children that involve exercise. This is particularly important if they are shy and do not easily make friends – if they sit in a corner on their own, activity levels will be low unless parents encourage them to exercise. If parents are not sporty themselves, they can at least take them out for regular walks and perhaps find friends and relatives who are sporty to encourage participation in more physical exercise. A trampoline in the back garden can work wonders for kids. 


One of our favorites is the Moderno Kids Truck. Even from a small age, children can ride in the truck since it has a seatbelt AND parents can control the truck with a remote control. This is a great way to let your smaller kids feel like big kids by thinking they are “driving” yet parents do not have to risk their child driving into a wall or out in front of a moving car since it has the remote. 

Encourage participation in school sports

School is a great way for kids to learn new things, including sports. The more access they have to a wider range of sporting activities, the more likely they are to find something that they love doing. Even shyer children should be able to find a niche – perhaps something like athletics or swimming, which doesn’t involve being part of a team. Although teachers will largely be responsible for encouraging students to participate while at school, parents can still have an important role by praising them and attending events.

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Encourage participation in extra-curricular activities

Parents can also help by encouraging children to take part in after-school activities. This will involve an even greater choice, so children are bound to find something that interests them. Ideally, this should begin from as early an age as possible; the earlier children become accustomed to doing sports after school, the more likely they are to find something that they really enjoy and will want to continue doing. If parents realize that their children hate a particular activity, then forcing them to do it is not a good idea; instead, they should look for something else the child can enjoy.

Limit computer and television time

One of the reasons that today’s children are so reluctant to get up and go and do some exercise is the wide range of computer games and television shows that are at their fingertips. Occasionally, it is possible to find games and shows that encourage exercise, which may be a great way of getting them moving. However, on the whole, limiting computer and television time is a good idea; otherwise, children may well spend all day on the couch rather than getting up and doing something to maintain their fitness levels.

Arrange activity days

Parents can encourage children to exercise by arranging activity days. If a group of parents gets together, then organizing trips to the ice rink or bowling alley can be a fun way of getting children moving, without the onus being on one set of parents all the time. Looking out for sporting opportunities in the neighborhood is another way to do it – most areas have regular charity walks and runs in which children can participate. At the very least, parents can arrange obstacle courses or a simple game of tag in the back yard. Children will come to look forward to the chance to burn off some energy.

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When their little legs get tired, they can hop back in their Moderno Kids truck and still be outside getting the fresh air along with soaking up some Vitamin D. Their arms will still be getting a workout while they are steering the truck. you may think they will just be sitting in the seat but my daughter gets in and out of her truck. She will pretend she is washing her truck, pick a few flowers on the way down the driveway or driver herself to the swing set to play for a bit. 

Don’t overplay competitiveness

Motivation is key when it comes to encouraging kids to exercise. However, parents should ensure that they don’t force the issue too much. If they overplay the winning side of it, it could have a negative effect, especially with kids who are shy and don’t like to be made to look stupid in front of others. Parents should praise their children for participating and the fact that they are strong and healthy, rather than berating them for not being as good as little Kyle down the road. In some cases, non-competitive activities may be preferable.

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It is relatively easy to raise active kids, provided that parents are good role models and give their children the necessary motivation. A healthy start in life will hopefully lead to a healthy, active adulthood too. 

A Little More About the Moderno Kids Truck

My daughter is in heaven right now with the combination of spring weather and an incredibly fun, stylish PINK jeep (Moderno Kids Truck)! Yes, they offer them in multiple colors, not just pink but she loves rocking the pink, for sure! This particular truck is suitable for ages three to six years old (with adult supervision, of course). The max total weight recommended is 100 lbs in this two-seater ride-on.  

kids truck

The Moderno Kids Truck is powered by a removable large capacity 12V power battery with overload protection and can drive in two different forward speed settings (3 Speeds on Parental Remote), and a reverse speed with the maximum speed of 5 mph. 

kids truck

The lights are one of our favorite features and ONE of the many key features that make it stand out above its competitors. Children can decide if they would like to ride with the lights on or off. My daughter chooses to keep them on regardless of whether it is dark or light outside. She loves the added bling! There are really working LED lights like headlights, a light bar under the truck, tail lights, and dashboard lights! Even the rims light up!!

kids truck

The leather seats are another feature that makes the Moderno Kids Truck succeed its competitors. Seatbelts for up to two riders are also installed for safety purposes. 

kids truck

Probably my daughter’s absolute favorite feature is the integrated MP3 player with Bluetooth, FM Radio and AUX MP3 Audio Input. You can also play files from a micro SD card, USB Flash Drive or external devices like iPod, iPad, iPhone or Android Phones. She thinks she is BIG stuff. 

Other Key Features:

  • NEW! Full Function Long Range 2.4Ghz Parental Remote Control with remote STOP function
  • NEW! Soft Start and Electric Brake System for Gradual Acceleration and Reliable Braking
  • NEW! Wide Track Zero Maintenance Soft EVA Foam Rubber Tires (Provide Good Traction and Comfortable Quiet Ride)
  • Openable Doors and Hood
  • NEW! Front + Rear Spring Shock Absorbers, 
  • NEW!
  • Horn Sound Buttons on the Steering Wheel, On-screen Digital Battery Voltage Meter
  • NEW! Integrated Handlebar (Under Rear Bumper) to transport car Without Battery Power
  • Requires Assembly, Estimated Assembly Time is 45 min
  • NEW! Smart Battery Charging Technology, Automatically controls Battery Charge and Prevents Overcharging
  • Battery Charging Time 1 – 10 Hours (Automatically controlled), Riding Time per charge is 30 min – 90 min (Depending on ride conditions)
  • Assembled Dimensions: Length – 47″, Height – 30.5″, Width – 31″ (With Wheels). Seat Width – 18.5″, Seat Depth – 7.5″, Dashboard to the back of the seat – 16″ Max
    Shipping Weight: 70 lb.
  • Warranty: 12 Month Replacement Parts / 90 Days Battery 

Time to get outdoors with your kids and truly enjoy this beautiful spring weather! Make sure you check out all the other products that Moderno Kids offers!

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  1. I don’t have kids but your points make perfect sense especially limiting the TV/computer time. Great post. Thank you.

  2. This is really good advice. I wish my parents had pushed me to be involved in school sports. The pink JEEP is so cool! I would’ve loved something like that as a kid.

  3. This is why we moved to the Rockies. Our son is outside every day doing something active. I see a significant difference in activity with my nieces and nephews who live in the city. I wish their kids would get out more! Awesome tips!

  4. i love this post! I think kids now are so consumed with gadgets and tablets they don’t run around enough outside! Doing it with them is a great idea!

  5. I am so much concerned with my kids now than I used to be. I alwaya encourage them to participate outdoor activities. Lately I found them not really active and has too much used of gadgets.

  6. Making sure that kids stay active is so important. I know sometimes it is a battle to get mine to give up their screen time but it’s a battle worth fighting.

  7. I love this list. Im always active with my kids. We love running or riding bikes. Outside time is precious.

  8. I also have a active girl, and she is quite attracted by the kid electric car. I can get a lot of key point about choosing kid electric car. Great article!

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