Making Home Feel More Inviting Through Small Decorative Changes

 Small Decorative Changes Can Make a Big Difference in a Home

For Christmas, my mother-in-law always asks for a list of gifts. This year, I told her I just wanted money or gift cards to do some home makeovers! Through this year, my goal is to make my home prettier inside and out. My kitchen needed the most work so I have begun working in there first. It IS the first room anyone sees that enters our home. With Christmas money, I added a new backsplash and under the cabinet lighting. It made a world of difference. Up next, was finding something to make my home more inviting. 

small decorative changes

I have always heard that adding something “green” to your home adds a much more inviting feel. I could not BELIEVE the difference this plant has made to my entrance way! My problem is that I can’t keep anything green from dying! A silk plant that looks realistic has been a problem to find. Until I found Hedgescapes products. They look very realistic and I can’t “kill it”! YES!! 

small decorative changes

Hedgescapes makes outdoor products as well, allowing your yard to be just as inviting as the inside of your home without worrying if your investment will survive a drought or a bitterly cold winter! Need more privacy? Make sure you check out the artificial boxwood hedges from Hedgescapes!

I like for my home to be clutter-free with a cozy feel. When my friends and family come over, I enjoy having a home that is clean and welcoming. Small changes can make such a difference! Look at the difference a backsplash and lighting made to our kitchen! 

small decorative changes

And how much more inviting this realistic silk plant has made to our entrance way!

small decorative changes

If you are also looking to make your home more inviting for your guest, check out Hedgescapes to make small decorative changes within and around your home!

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3 thoughts on “Making Home Feel More Inviting Through Small Decorative Changes

  1. These are great ways to make your home more inviting, thanks for sharing! 🙂 It is amazing how much of a difference having a backsplash in your kitchen makes, it’s beautiful!

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