Joining Your Italian Family- How Citizenship By Descent Can Help

Having ancestral roots in another part of the world is common for Americans. Millions of them come from Italy and wish to reclaim their roots at some point. It is natural to feel the pull to join your family and start afresh at some time. Not surprisingly, Italian consulates in the US are flooded with citizenship by descent applications every year. The good thing about the descent route is that it is among the easiest ways to claim Italian citizenship. If you want to explore the option, Bersani Law Firm provides a great guide here to show the way. You can simply seek expert assistance, and make your journey seamless. Let us help you understand the process of joining your Italian family through citizenship by descent.

Citizenship By Descent

Assess your eligibility for Jure Sanguinis

The first thing you must do is assess your eligibility for the Jure Sanguinis process. Just having parental or ancestral connections is not enough. Ensure that your ancestor was an Italian citizen after the country’s formation in 1861. Additionally, they shouldn’t have given up citizenship by acquiring naturalization in another part of the world. You may not qualify for Jure Sanguinis if your ascendant was a woman who gave birth before 1948. In that case, you will have to apply through the court under the 1948 Rule.

Establish your roots with documentation

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of the process is establishing your ancestral roots in Italy. You will have to provide valid proof in the form of documentation from your ancestor’s local commune. It can be tricky to procure age-old certificates of birth, marriage, and death, but a local citizenship expert can help. Further, you will require the naturalization records of your relative from the current residence in translated and legalized form. 

Apply at your local consulate

The easiest part of the citizenship by descent is that you can apply at your local consulate. You need not even fly to Italy for application. Once you have the documents in place, apply at your local consulate and wait for your interview date. It can take a few months or even a year because consulates often have long queues of citizenship applications in waiting. But patience pays as you will get the appointment eventually. 

Start afresh with your Italian family

After your citizenship appointment and document submission, you get your citizenship. Your spouse and dependents can come along as they get the right automatically. If your children are not minors, they can claim citizenship through their parent. It means you can start afresh with your folks and Italian family right away. 

Create a legacy for generations

Italian citizenship by descent lets you create a legacy for generations. It is a one-time process that lets you pass your rights to the next generations automatically. Your children, grandchildren, and further generations get a second passport effortlessly. They can live, work, and access the entire benefits of an Italian citizen. They can also travel visa-free across the EU.

Italian citizenship by descent is easy to procure, but you can collaborate with an expert to simplify it further. These professionals help you with eligibility assessment, document gathering, and all other aspects of the process. Rest assured, you will be with your Italian family sooner than later.

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