Why Use a Raised Bed Planter: Where to Buy and How to Make One

If you are looking for a way to have more control over your garden, raised beds might be just what you need. When raised beds are discussed, the topic of raised bed gardening almost always comes up. A raised bed is an area on the ground that has been raised about 6 inches off of where plants grow. Raised beds can help with drainage, aeration, and make gardening less labor-intensive. It takes much less time to grow raised bed vegetables than it does in the ground.

raised bed planter

Raised beds are not new. Raised bed vegetable gardens have been popular around the world for centuries. The raised bed was developed by the French who were trying to find ways to garden efficiently because they had little time for gardening, and their ground typically has very poor soil. They raised the beds to make it easier to access them while they were working in the garden. The raised bed vegetable garden is still popular today. All you need are some raised bed kits or containers that can hold soil. And once you have raised beds, there are plenty of gardening tips to help you have a successful raised bed vegetable garden.

Raised beds can be made from many different materials, depending on your time and budget constraints. You can use wood, stones, brick, or cinder blocks for raised beds. If you are building in an area where the soil is poor in nutrients and low in organic matter, raised beds made from wood will erode quickly and need to be replaced more often. It might make sense for you to use raised bed kits or raised bed containers since these raised beds will last longer and be easier to move when they need replacing.

Raised beds that are made of stones or bricks work well, as well as, cinder block beds. Cinder block raised beds are usually between 24″ – 36″ tall which allows for much growing space. 

In rich soil, beds that are raised with bricks or stones work well because these raised beds will need to be replaced less often. Also, beds raised with wood can rot if they are placed in rich soil that is too moist, and this makes the bed raised with wood difficult to move if it needs replacement.

There are many benefits raised beds provide for a garden. When raised bed planters are used, it makes gardening easier:

  • Keeps weeds and other plant pests away from your plants.    
  • Gardening becomes less labor-intensive.    
  • Provides good drainage and aeration of the soil to prevent water-logging or drying out of the raised bed planters.    
  • Prevents soil compaction for easier weed removal.    
  • Provides larger yields in smaller spaces.
  • Keeps plants off the ground – less chance of insects or diseases entering raised bed planters.
  • Allows you to grow vegetables without the use of pesticides and other chemicals that can be found in store-bought raised bed planters.    
  • Can be built to any size needed, depending on how many raised bed planters you want.

Raised planters keep weeds and other plant pests away from your plants

Build a raised plant bed and fill it with soil. You can plant directly into the raised bed or plant herb plants and vegetables in pots; place them onto the raised bed once they’re ready to be transplanted. Either way will keep plant pests away from your plants.

Weeds thrive in moist soil, so plant in elevated beds for an added layer of protection.

Now, plant your favorite vegetables or herbs! Keep plant pests away by planting in elevated beds and use pots to plant individual herb and vegetable plants once they’re large enough for the next step.

Where to Buy a Raised Bed Planter

Raised bed planters are raised garden beds that have been around for a long time. Hardware stores like Lowes or Home Depot, John Deere Landscapes, other landscaping places, or online at Amazon sell raised bed planters.

Many raised bed planter options exist because the raised bed frame can be made from many different materials and in many shapes and sizes. Another option is to use an old tire as a planter! 

How to Build a Raised Bed Planter

The raised bed planter is a simple and cheap method for growing vegetables and herbs in your backyard, without taking up too much space. You can purchase a kit or you can make one all on your own. Here is how you can make your own raised bed planter.

Materials needed:

  • wood (8 pieces of 2″ x 4″, cut to 4′ length)
  • brick or stone (8 large pieces)
  • dirt (to fill the raised bed)  
  • Seeds (to plant)
  • hammer
  • saw (to cut wood)


1. Measure and mark where you want the raised bed to be. Fill the area with brick or stone. If you use dirt, the raised bed will collapse over time.

2. Build a frame using 4 pieces of 2″ x 4″, and attach the pieces together by screwing into both sides.

3. Nail a piece of wood to the bottom of the raised bed frame, creating a base for your raised bed.

4. Fill your raised planter with dirt and plant your seeds or starter plants according to any instructions on the seed packets or from your garden store. You can also plant tomatoes or larger growing vegetables.

5. Water the raised bed planter as needed, and enjoy your vegetables! 

Raised bed planters are a great way to make a garden more manageable and easier for a gardener!

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