Infant Shopping Cart Safety Tips

 Shopping Cart Safety Tips For Your Infant

Health and safety are usually a focal point for many mothers of newborns. As much as we try to think of every way to keep our baby safe and healthy, there is always something that we miss. Here are a few pointers of some things to keep in mind when at the grocery store. 

Shopping cart safety

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

In the parking lot, always be aware of your surroundings. There are some crazy people in this world. As cute as your baby is, oohing and ahhing over them in the parking lot can be a danger to both you and baby. Most thieves prey on distracted women. 

Shopping cart safety

Clean Shopping Cart Handles

Take advantage of the cleansing wipes inside the doors of the store or use a baby wipe to clean the handle of the shopping cart. Many germs are spread from shopping cart handles. You will need clean hands when taking care of your little one. Maybe even hang a small bottle of hand sanitizer from your diaper bag for quick access to clean your hands if you need to handle a pacifier or bottle within the store.

Shopping cart safety

Discourage Other Shoppers from Touching Your Child

Encourage others to NOT to touch your baby. It is fun to show them off BUT cold and flu season is upon us. Strangers or even those you know personally should not touch a baby’s face, hands, or even feet without clean hands. Babies chew on everything, especially their arms, legs, hands, and feet! They even sell signs that ask for people to keep their hands off the baby. You might look into getting one of those.

Keep Baby in Sight at All Times

Do not walk away from your baby. It is easy to turn your back to grab an item off the shelf. It does not take long for someone to walk away with your baby. Always have the baby in front of you with you facing the cart at all times. 

Shopping cart safety

Secure Baby Safely in Shopping Cart

Did you know that 24,000 children are treated at hospitals every YEAR due to shopping cart-related injuries!?! Cart seats lock into the front of the shopping cart but that does not mean that the car seat is truly secure. They can easily tip with an accidental nudge from you or another shopper.

With the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock, you have two safe choices for your baby.

  • Your baby can stay in their car seat, which is helpful if they are already asleep or if they weather demands covering over your baby on the way in and out of the store. The Binky Baby Shopping Cart Hammock can be placed under the car seat and then buckles the car seat in place to secure it completely. 
  • Your baby can lay comfortably in the Binky Baby Shopping Cart Hammock in the main cart compartment. The hammock is secured and then the baby has their own safety belt to keep them safe inside the hammock. 

Shopping cart safety

Features of the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

  • Compact design allows easy portability
  • Lightweight
  • Allows baby to lay on a natural incline
  • Two layers add extra durability
  • Heavy duty safety straps keeps baby safe and secure
  • Strong enough to hold up to 50 pounds

Shopping cart safety

Keep your baby safe, comfortable, and healthy during trips to your local grocery store by following these simple tips! 

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