We all, if not many of us desire success. What one considers as success may vary from one individual to another. Now that we are all geared towards this thing called success, what do we need to get there?

Through learning, we acquire knowledge. To implement your understanding into valuable ideas, insights and implement them successfully, you need imagination and creativity. What is imagination you may wonder?

It is the process of creating new ideas, concepts, or even images that are currently not present to the senses. Albert Einstein also said that imagination is important than knowledge. When you utilize your imaginative thinking and produce a work of art, that’s creativity.

It is not a preserve for a particular activity, say online paraphrase generator. It is what you bring to the action that you are doing, be it art, business, music, etc.

Importance of Imagination and Creativity

One of the successful ingredients that successful people have is creativity. Creativity has three levels, discovery, invention, and lastly creation. An understanding of these stages will help you master the creative process.

  • Discovery: it is when you become aware of something. As you walk across the streets, you may pass by an unusual pattern on a piece of wood. That is “discovered art.”
  • Invention: it is a higher level of the creative process. It is something that is going to happen. No matter how much outcry may abound about AI’s, they would have still been invented.
  • Creation: the final stage of the process, is bringing your ideas to life.

In the book, The Innovation Secrets by Steve Jobs, by Carmine Gallo, it outlines the principles that guided Steve Jobs to be one of the greatest innovators of our time. They include:

1. Doing what you love

So many people just can’t find the energy to wake up each morning during the weekday to go to work. It is even more difficult if you have to go to work over the weekend. Doing what you love, will make the task feel less like a burden and more of an adventure.

In his whole life, Steve Jobs followed his heart. You can only inspire others if you are motivated, says Gallo. Discover your passion and find ways to express it.

2. Opens new opportunities

How many times have you backed out of an endeavor just because your mind told you it wasn’t possible? Maybe you thought of creating a better and more reliable online paraphrasing, tool. But the vast number of available devices deters you from implementing your ideas.

When we train ourselves to think positively, we attract positive outcomes to our lives. It will open new opportunities for you.

3. Saying No

To Steve Jobs, ultimate sophistication came from simplicity. The unnecessary was always eliminated, even in the packaging. In a competitive market, one of the ideal ways to stand out from the competition is by removing that which isn’t necessary.

As you set yourself up for success, you will need to you will be on the right path by knowing what you need to remove.

4. Remodeling the world

We can debate about this, but I can guess that many of us have felt that we are conditioned to live in a certain way. Katy Perry’s song “Chained to the Rhythm” comes to mind when I feel like people are being pushed to live in a loop. (That’s my interpretation of the song.)

Creativity will help you remodel not just the world but your life too. It can create events and circumstances. It will help you make your dreams come true. Just the way a proper paraphrasing generator changes how we deal with plagiarism, nowadays.

5. Not Making Assumptions

Creativity helps you come up with breakthrough ideas. You are not limited by the accepted assumptions that apply. It opens doors to potentially successful and out of the box thoughts. It makes you stand out.

Find new solutions to the challenges that you face. Sometimes our assumptions cause us to overthink when a simple solution would do the trick.


As you pursue success, happiness, and satisfaction, creativity and imagination will go a long way to help you achieve just this. Use your imagination correctly. Let it open doors for you and others where there once was no opening. 

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  1. Very interesting, thanks for sharing! I can definitely see how creativity and imagination would be important to your success. I have none, so maybe that’s why I’m not successful, lol.

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