Blogging vs. Vlogging: Difference and How to Make the Right Choices

To go into blogging or vlogging, that is the ultimate question for many content marketers. And if you want to join in the bandwagon of making money on the internet, it is something to cause you to ponder. It isn’t just a decision for entertainers but also businesses.

blogging vs vlogging

What is vlogging? It is where you make videos for a vlog. That is, creating content and posting it in the form of video. In a blog, you will use text as your primary means of communication. And may need to use a sentence rephraser online, once in a while.

What is The Difference?

You are new to the world of content marketing or are an experienced person who has noticed that the need for video content online is growing, and fast. How then do you choose the medium that will work for you?

  • Blogging

A blog is like an online journal. It is where you share your observations, opinions, thoughts, experiences, etc. If you don’t mind working with a rephrase paragraph tool, and can write down your thoughts with ease, this could be it for you.

It is suitable for information that is best conveyed in complex or long form. You need to hone your writing skills, learn the importance of SEO, and how to use social media to boost traffic to your site, among other things.

Pros and Cons

They are easy to setup at depending on your choice, may not need any monetary investment. You can use platforms such as WordPress, Wix, Joomla!, Squarespace, etc.

You don’t need a lot of equipment. A must-have includes a computer and internet connection. You can get free images online and must have a knack for writing.

Consistency: with a blog, you need to publish fresh content regularly. Lack of consistency may make the readers lose interest in your material.

Getting the attention of the reader: different posts will have different social proof. It all depends on your choice of topic, the issue that you address, etc.

  • Vlogging

It is video logging in full. In that, you create videos rather than write content. If you don’t mind recording yourself, then this could be it. Many “vloggers” use YouTube to share and post their content.

Also, with this, you don’t need to work with a rephrasing generator. The videos you create should be unique and informative. You will have to familiarize yourself with video editing software, get yourself a quality camera or smartphone.

Pros and Cons

It is easy to setup, but you need to have the right and expensive equipment. For one, no one wants to watch blurred videos. Get yourself a video camera that produces high-definition videos. You also need a quality microphone and a good video editing software.

Once published you either take it down or re-make it, if you need to edit a video.

It is time-consuming to create a vlog, it takes hours. You begin by filming, then editing, before publishing it.


You do not have to choose between the two. You can try both blogging and vlogging, and they can operate side by side. But if you mind recording yourself but have no problem writing down your thoughts, then, it is blogging, and vice-versa.

4 Replies to “Blogging vs. Vlogging: Difference and How to Make the Right Choices”

  1. This was interesting as I had not heard of vlogging. It does seem that vlogging would be very time intensive.

  2. I had never heard of vlogging before. Great article. I really enjoyed this. Thank you so much for sharing

  3. Have you done vlogging? It seems to me that blogging would be easier as with vlogging you have to edit and upload.

  4. Very informative post, thanks for sharing! I don’t think I would be very good at vlogging lol. I do enjoy watching them though! 🙂

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