Every Second Counts – Time Matters

Time Matters More Than ANYthing

Shortly after my husband and I started dating, I went away to college a couple hours away. He knew I was having a difficult time being away from him! He would show up for weekend visits when we would have longer spans of not seeing each other. During one of our visits, he bought me a watch. He held it up to my ear and told me to listen to the quiet click as the seconds would go by. Then he said, “Every time you start to miss me, hold this up to your ear and think of how every click means it is that much closer to the time we will be together again!” TIME IS SO IMPORTANT!


Why Time Matters

Why does time matter to me? Once it is gone, you can’t ever get it back. So, you have to make the most of it. I spent a lot of time listening to the click of the watch wishing time away. Now, I feel like I can’t slow it down for the life of me! My kids grow an inch every time I blink! Embrace the time!

Give the Gift of Time with Bradford Watch Company

For me, one of the biggest ways that I personally feel like I waste a lot of time is by getting on social media. A notification pops up on my phone and I HAVE to check it out. I have found that when I wear a watch, I keep my phone put away more! I am able to give my husband and my kids the gift of time by wearing a watch instead of using my phone to tell time! 

time matters

About The Taylor Watch by Bradford Watch Company

This watch is stylish yet elegant. I can wear it with casual AND dressy clothing and it looks great with both types of clothing! As I mentioned earlier, the watch I had many moons ago, clicked with every second. Although the thought behind it was sweet and the sound was a comfort at that point in my life, the tick was a little loud. The Taylor watch is incredibly silent which is beyond perfect for me. As a mom, getting away from constant sound is far and few between. I love how when I do have some quiet moments to myself, it can literally be silent with this watch! 

The Taylor Watch has a reliable quartz movement, sturdy mineral glass, and durable stainless steel case that will keep ticking strong as you go about your days.

The genuine leather strap is the perfect thickness for ultimate comfort and to ensure many years of daily use! 


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7 thoughts on “Every Second Counts – Time Matters

  1. That’s a beautiful watch! I enjoy wearing watches for added fashion and convenience as well!

  2. I love how big the time piece is! Great for someone with eye issues like me. The genuine leather strap is a plus too 🙂

  3. Awww…your husband is so sweet, well boyfriend at the time. I like the watch, it’s simple yet elegant.

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