Why Choose JORD Wooden Watches?

Benefits of JORD Wooden Watches

Times are changing. All natural is becoming the way of life. A designer’s world is no different. Wooden jewelry, wooden clocks, wooden speakers, wooden toys, and even wooden watches. So, why all the hype?!? Wooden Watches have so many benefits that will make you think twice about your next watch purchase.

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JORD Wooden Watch Giveaway & Coupon


JORD Wooden Watch – Grab the 25% off coupon AND Enter to Win!

Are you getting ready for Christmas? Making a list and checking it twice? JORD Wooden Watches make a great gift for the men on your list. Guess what though!?! They are not just for the men… they also have women’s watches. YOU can enter to win AND get a 25% off coupon too… PLUS ONE BIG SECRET… keep reading!

JORD Wooden Watch

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Every Second Counts – Time Matters

Time Matters More Than ANYthing

Shortly after my husband and I started dating, I went away to college a couple hours away. He knew I was having a difficult time being away from him! He would show up for weekend visits when we would have longer spans of not seeing each other. During one of our visits, he bought me a watch. He held it up to my ear and told me to listen to the quiet click as the seconds would go by. Then he said, “Every time you start to miss me, hold this up to your ear and think of how every click means it is that much closer to the time we will be together again!” TIME IS SO IMPORTANT!


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