JORD Watch Giveaway Just In Time for Christmas!

JORD Watch Giveaway – $100 off Any Watch

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The Smartwatch is a Total Game Changer for Busy Moms

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Fossil Women’s Smartwatch is Great for Every Busy Mom

I am one busy mama these days. The holidays are busy enough but when you add in having two kindergarteners learning to read (my own and another I am fostering), a 6th grader who plays basketball, and a 10th grader who not only enjoys being anywhere his friends are but who also plays both JV and Varsity basketball for school. PLUS, all four kids involved in church functions all while I am trying to operate a business…. I am always running in every direction. I have children (and a husband) who need my undivided attention most of the day. I haven’t always been very good at balancing my focus on them versus getting a little too into my phone. I would hear my phone go off, check the notification and instead of putting it back down, I would also check emails, scroll through social media, and before I knew it, I had been on my phone for 10 minutes… just to check a text! It is so easy to do. Thanks to my new Fossil – Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch I can keep my phone out of my hand and less distracted.

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Spoil Mom This Mother’s Day with Akribos Watch

Spoil Mom on Mother’s Day

A watch adds a finishing touch to any outfit. It combines fashion with functionality! Giving a beautiful Akribos watch for Mother’s Day has far more significance than just the beauty of the watch in general. Adding in a special handwritten note thanking your mom for the “time” she has spent loving you will be sure to trigger a teary eye!

spoil mom

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Personalized Couples Watches – A Reminder of Love

 Personalized Couples Watches – A Perfect Reminder That You Are Loved!

A wedding ring is a great reminder that you are loved but many become immune to wearing their ring. After a while, a wedding ring often goes unnoticed. Also, what about the couples who are not married? How often do you check the time? I bet it is far more often than you stop to stare at your wedding ring (unless you are newly married). 

Couples Watches

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Why Choose JORD Wooden Watches?

Benefits of JORD Wooden Watches

Times are changing. All natural is becoming the way of life. A designer’s world is no different. Wooden jewelry, wooden clocks, wooden speakers, wooden toys, and even wooden watches. So, why all the hype?!? Wooden Watches have so many benefits that will make you think twice about your next watch purchase.

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