Spend More Time with Your Kids: 5 Ways to Be Creative

Spending Time with Your Kids: 5 Ways to Be Creative

Spending time with your children is important on many levels. It carries psychological benefits for both parents and the child, creates stronger relationships and helps resolve issues. But today’s world is busy and people seem to be preoccupied with work and other engagements necessary for everyday survival.

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Spoil Mom This Mother’s Day with Akribos Watch

Spoil Mom on Mother’s Day

A watch adds a finishing touch to any outfit. It combines fashion with functionality! Giving a beautiful Akribos watch for Mother’s Day has far more significance than just the beauty of the watch in general. Adding in a special handwritten note thanking your mom for the “time” she has spent loving you will be sure to trigger a teary eye!

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Every Second Counts – Time Matters

Time Matters More Than ANYthing

Shortly after my husband and I started dating, I went away to college a couple hours away. He knew I was having a difficult time being away from him! He would show up for weekend visits when we would have longer spans of not seeing each other. During one of our visits, he bought me a watch. He held it up to my ear and told me to listen to the quiet click as the seconds would go by. Then he said, “Every time you start to miss me, hold this up to your ear and think of how every click means it is that much closer to the time we will be together again!” TIME IS SO IMPORTANT!


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