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As much as we all can be creatures of habit, your game cabinet needs to be freshened up every so often. Especially with children, playing the same games over and over again can get rather boring. Here are a few games from Goliath Games and Pressman that you can add to your game cabinet to add some excitement to family game nights!

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Greedy Granny

This game is hilarious! Greedy Granny sits in her chair snoozing with all her snacks (with her chompers in her mouth). Players take turns sneaking a treat from her lap in hopes that she doesn’t wake up. Laughter is sure to happen when granny surprises a player by waking up as they take a snack from her tray. She wakes up, sits up, and her teeth fly from her mouth in an instant! 

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Mr. Bucket

Get your children up and moving with this fun-filled game of Mr. Bucket. Mr. Bucket moves around, waving his arms, and spitting balls out of his mouth. Players are to use their shovels to scoop up the balls and get their color of balls in the bucket before Mr. Bucket spits another one out!

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Shopkins Happy Places Moving Day Game

Join the Shopkins crew in moving into their new home. Players take turns moving around the board to put the Petkins’ belongings where they belong. Whoever unboxes their delivery box first, wins! I love how it teaches my daughter that everything has a place in the home (I am hoping that will roll over into her own personal life by putting HER belongings where they belong). 

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Shopkins Postcard Pals Game Card

This is a great game for traveling. Hotels can be boring but if you are like me, you don’t want to pack the whole house to entertain your children while they are on vacation. This little matching game is all about travel which makes it perfect for vacation entertainment. Plus, the box is small so it can fit in your suitcase!

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Shopkins Pop N’ Race Game

As a mom, I love games that have very few pieces. My kids tend to lose game pieces far more often than I want to admit. This plastic game board is easy to store with very few pieces. Each player has four “movers” that they are trying to get around the board and into “home” before any other players get their movers to their “home”. My kids love to pop the popper to “roll the dice”. 

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Shopkins World Vacation Game

This board game is a great one to add before beginning your summer travels. It will encourage your child to LOVE traveling. Each player moves around the world (the board), collecting souvenirs to take home with them. The first player to collect four souvenirs and return home, wins!

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Harry Potter Triwizard Maze

This game is just like the Shopkins Pop N’ Race game except its theme is Harry Potter. Players make their way into home as quickly as possible. This game adds a twist to the traditional pop game with draw cards that can help or hurt you in getting home. 

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Paint-Sation Easel

Games are loads of fun but sometimes, you just want to allow your child to work independently. Paint-Sation Easel allows them to do just that. They can be creative, productive, and independent. That’s a winner for most moms. Not that we ALWAYS want our children quiet but there are those times where we just need a little quiet time. 

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Not only is it a great quiet activity but it is also a craft without all the mess! The paint will not spill. Yep, that is right! It is almost like a dry paint until it goes on the paper. You will just have to see it for yourself! We love it. My daughter… let’s just say, she spills just about everything she puts her hands on. I hate the idea of her painting because of the constant mess. The Paint-Sation Easel has been a winner!

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Which games will you add to your game cabinet?

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  1. My granddaughters love Shopkins and I see there are a few Shopkin games that they would like. I would like to play the Greedy Granny game myself! I would love to see her teeth fly! This sounds like a FUN game!! The Paint Station Easel is a winner in our home! We have a chalkboard, dry erase board and an easel similar to the one pictured above. Even the older grandkids still play with these things. Thank you for sharing!

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