What to do With Kids When it Rains

Rainy Day Activities With Kids

Rainy days don’t have to spell disaster for moms and kids. In fact, rainy days allow a family to bond with a variety of enjoyable activities. From movies to Monopoly, plenty of rainy day activities exist to keep you entertained for hours.

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Family Time Matters

Family Time Matters

These last few weeks have been a humbling reminder that family time is SO important. I have always been a big “family girl”. I love spending quality time with family more than most people but had gotten in a bit of a rut with turning my focus on more nonsense stuff. These last few weeks have been a much-needed eye-opener.

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Hot Games This Christmas

Hot Games This Christmas

Goliath Games, founded in 1980, is a family owned and operated company that prides itself on creating games and toys, for all members of the family. The company manufactures and distributes high-quality and affordable games and toys that are entertaining, fun, innovative and inspiring.

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Game Time as a Family Brings Unity

Family Game Time is Needed Now Days

According to an article in the Washington Post, kids ages 8-12 are spending nearly six hours per day on media such as online video, music, and social media. For those 13-18, that number goes to nearly NINE hours or more than one-third of their day. As a result, often times, family communication, especially between parents and their children, is almost non-existent.

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