8+ Must-Follow YouTube Channels for Maths Fans

maths fans

We all learn the same ideas or concepts at different rates. Take Mathematics, for example; it is not a favorite subject for many. One can sit in a Maths lesson for a whole day and still leave the classroom having understood very little to nothing.

It doesn’t imply that the student is dumb or slow at getting concepts. Our passions dictate what we find interesting or easy to learn and sometimes, the method of delivery of a lesson, determines how fast we understand it. For those who may be having trouble internalizing the concepts of maths, there are many ways to improve your grades in the subject, outside of class.

You could get a math tutor, watch YouTube Channels dedicated to Maths, eagerly look forward to assignments and use your fast math typing skills, to complete and improve your grades in the subject. The following are some of the Math Channels you should check out:

Must Follow YouTube Channels For Math

1. Khan Academy

It was founded by Salman Khan in 2006 to provide access to quality education to anyone and everyone. The Channel is not purely for Maths as it covers several other educational disciplines that may intrigue your interest, e.g., Physics, social science, biology, etc. It is a fun and different way to learn and understand those mathematical concepts that prove challenging in class.

2. Numberphile

Are you a teacher who would like to revamp your lessons with an engaging and fun approach to maths? You should consider checking out the Numberphile Channel. Their videos include colorful graphics used to explain different concepts in math and in an interesting way.

It will also help you improve your math typing skills, as you will have a better understanding of different concepts.

3. Ted-Ed

Most of you are aware of the benefits of the Ted-Ed Channel. If you haven’t been to their site, then, don’t be left out. This Channel is an online library of informative videos on different subjects of interest. You can find videos on Algorithm, Matrices, and even simple Addition and Multiplication.

4. Math Mammoth

It is the joy of every tutor that each topic they teach is well understood. Thus, teachers and trainers, do their best to find ways to improve their teaching skills. From learning using math typing online to watching various YouTube Channels that focus on maths to make their delivery better.

The Math Mammoth Channel, helps you learn different concepts in an unconventional way. If you are the kind of student who has to go over an idea, again and again, to get it, then, this is the channel for you.

5. YouTube Teachers

The channel is a creation of different experienced teachers in various fields. They have videos on many mathematical concepts in an enjoyable and easy to understand manner. You can watch the different videos depending on the level that you are at, as they are categorized for each person.

6. Mathdemics

The channel provides its subscribers to learn maths in a cool way. Their videos cover a variety of mathematical topics that may interest you. The videos touch on probability, geometry, arithmetic, and much more. You will also find videos that relate to logical reasoning and money problems, too.

7. Video Math Tutor

Learning isn’t just about cramming the concepts taught and downloading during a test. It is about having a deeper understanding of the topics taught. In this channel, you can access their brain teasers to help you gauge how well you have processed a concept. They have videos that cover numerous mathematical topics too.

8. Tenmarks

It offers you a fun way to learn the concepts regarding, algebra, congruence, number theory and much more. Their lessons are easy to follow as they use hints, personalized worksheets and video lessons to help you practice and master mathematical concepts.

9. Math TV

What better way to learn the concepts of maths than from an experienced person. It is a creation of a veteran maths teacher who has been producing textbooks while teaching, for over 30 years.


If you cannot get the concepts from class, you can always supplement your math lessons by watching the right YouTube Channel dedicated to Maths. Have fun and learn in an unconventional way, while you at it.

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