Homeschool Math Games

Homeschool Math Games

Playing with numbers can help your child develop a real sense of how they work together, which can lead to a better understanding of arithmetic, and, later, higher mathematics. Here are a few homeschool math games to get your kids excited about math lessons.

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Practicing Math Skills in a FUN Way!

Practicing Math Skills 

Summer is over and math homework will be beginning soon or has already started. As you look around to find some math manipulatives to use to help your child with their math homework, here are some math games you can play at home with children. Some games use math websites, others use board games, ball game math, and simply using food.

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Learning Basic Math Through Playing

Learning Basic Math Can Be FUN!

It has been well said that children are kids only once. While every parent certainly wants to ensure their child has a fun-filled childhood with lots of enjoyable moments it also comes with the responsibility to invest teach and mold the next generation. Anytime as a parent you can combine the enjoyment of playtime with the necessary life lessons it is a win-win for everyone!

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8+ Must-Follow YouTube Channels for Maths Fans

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We all learn the same ideas or concepts at different rates. Take Mathematics, for example; it is not a favorite subject for many. One can sit in a Maths lesson for a whole day and still leave the classroom having understood very little to nothing.

It doesn’t imply that the student is dumb or slow at getting concepts. Our passions dictate what we find interesting or easy to learn and sometimes, the method of delivery of a lesson, determines how fast we understand it. For those who may be having trouble internalizing the concepts of maths, there are many ways to improve your grades in the subject, outside of class.

You could get a math tutor, watch YouTube Channels dedicated to Maths, eagerly look forward to assignments and use your fast math typing skills, to complete and improve your grades in the subject. The following are some of the Math Channels you should check out: Continue reading