Learning Basic Math Through Playing

Learning Basic Math Can Be FUN!

It has been well said that children are kids only once. While every parent certainly wants to ensure their child has a fun-filled childhood with lots of enjoyable moments it also comes with the responsibility to invest teach and mold the next generation. Anytime as a parent you can combine the enjoyment of playtime with the necessary life lessons it is a win-win for everyone!

Learning Basic Math

About the Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register

The Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register allows your child to learn basic, beginners math as well as basic calculator skills. A solar calculator is built into it which means the child can play even without batteries! If you are like us, batteries wind up dead in no time with all the battery operated toys we have.

Learning Basic Math

My daughter loves the fact that anytime she opens the cash register drawer, it makes a cha-ching sound. It is very easy for her to operate with the large, easy to press key buttons. She is even learning her numbers and basic math with the help of her register.

Learning Basic Math Includes:

  • Large Press Buttons
  • “cha-ching” sound when drawer opens
  • 30 actual-sized pretend bills
  • 40 plastic coins
  • 1 pretend credit card
  • activity guide

* Recommended for ages three and up. 

About the Pretend & Play Teaching ATM Bank

Teaching a child money skills just got easier with the Pretend & Play Teaching ATM Bank. They will learn banking skill such as withdraws, deposits, how to save money.  

Learning Basic Math

The thing we love most about this ATM is that it does come with play money but will read real money as well. It is a great way for children to use their very own money to learn about banking! The mechanical bill feeder is super fun for kids! 

Learning Basic Math


  • Play Money 
  • ATM Card
  • Self-help electronic ATM bank

*Recommended for children ages three and up.

Learning Basic Math

While allowing your child to set up shop, you begin to open endless possibilities, hours of self-play, and valuable teaching moments. These real-life lessons include practice with numbers, assigning a value to items, how to make correct change, and even basic stewardship principals!

Buy the Pretend & Play ATM and Cash Register and cash in on lots of enjoyable educational playtime for your little one!

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2 thoughts on “Learning Basic Math Through Playing

  1. This is definitely something that I am going to be getting my daughter for Christmas! I homeschool and this sounds like a great (and super fun) way to learn math as well as the value of money. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a fun way to have math be meaningful for kids. I think when they figure out math problems in the real world then it is much more helpful in learning.

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