Valentine Day Massage For Even the Single Men and Ladies

valentine day massage
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Massages are both enjoyable and necessary. Everyone now a day lives under so much stress. Knotted muscles from the stress trap harmful toxins. Massaging is not only to feel good at the moment but also they are needed to loosen the muscles and release the toxins. But what do you do when you don’t have anyone to give you a Valentine Day massage, your spouse has physical ailments that keep them from being able to give you a much-needed massage, or you simply don’t like others to touch you? 

Naipo Massage Products is a My Four and More gift idea!

Attending a spa is something that most people are unable to afford. A massage at a spa or salon can be very pricey. You can purchase both of these Naipo Massage products for the same price or LESS and use them over and over. No more paying for a one time deal!

Naipo Hand Held Electric Massager

The Naipo handheld electric massager is great to work on very specific areas where muscles tend to knot the most. With the handle being longer, I am able to massage even my calves without the expense of having a sore back.

Valentine Day Massage
  • Customizable Mode offers five mode choices to adjust the intensity.
  • Cordless allows you to take the massager with you anywhere
  • The massager is rechargeable and can run for 1.5 hours straight before needing another charge.
  • Three attachments included for deep tissue, acupressure, and acupoint massages.
Valentine Day Massage
  • Extra long handle makes self-massaging easy
Valentine Day Massage

Naipo Back Massager Shiatsu Massage Seat

The handheld massager is great for working on the knotted muscles that need direct, deep massage as well as areas such as the legs. When I am not working on one of those specifics, I prefer the Naipo back massager seat because all I have to do is sit back and relax. I do not have to hold anything or move in the least bit. I can also take the massage seat with me on long trips in the car to prevent any stiffness and achy muscles that come along with a car ride.

Valentine Day Massage
  • 3D Shiatsu kneading with the 3D rotating kneading massage rollers that imitate a human-like finger massage. 
  • Eight rolling massage nodes relieves tight muscles and soothes achiness. 
Valentine Day Massage
  • Massage nodes are adjustable to your height so it works on the correct spot of your neck properly 
  • Heat feature can be turned on during the massage or for those hot natured, you can choose to leave it off.
  • Three different levels of intensity of a vibration massage to help your hip and thighs.
  • Handheld controller allows you to adjust all settings easily.
Valentine Day Massage
  • Comes with an AC adapter for home and office use and a car adapter to take on the road with you.
Valentine Day Massage

This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to a massage. The type of massage that you can enjoy every single day with Naipo massage products!

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