Tips to Follow When Cleaning Roman Blinds

Cleaning Roman Blinds

Cleaning roman blinds is relatively an easy task. Before getting your hands dirty it is important to make sure that the blinds are washable or not. There a few blinds which have to be dry cleaned only so as to avoid shrinkage and damage. The materials of the roman blinds can be broadly classified into two types. The first type being wood and fabrics. Cleaning wood roman blinds is also pretty easy if you take proper care not to damage the paint on the wood. Cleaning roman blinds of fabric in nature, on the other hand, is a very difficult task. All the fabrics come with the manufacturer instructions and guidelines. Cleaning can be made easier for you with the help of the following tips.

Cleaning Roman Blinds
Regular Vacuuming

Since the blinds are in constant contact with the window still the dust collects on the blinds causing it to get damaged. Regular Vacuuming is the simplest way of cleaning roman blinds. All we need to do is to use the special attachment of the vacuum which would help us in reaching all the nook and corners of the roman blinds. With the help of the attachment, you can gently clean away all the dust. Also cleaning roman blinds regularly will help you in keeping it in its top-notch condition.

Spot Cleaning of Stains

With roman blinds put up in your living room, you expose to the risk of getting stained when you host a party at your house or if you have small children. In such cases, it is best advised to spot clean all your stains. By spot cleaning, we mean to clean out the stains as soon as possible with the help of spot cleaners and not let them go dry. We ensure that if this simple tip is followed we might save on a lot of cleaning costs. When spot cleaning roman blinds make sure to check the manufacturer’s guide so that you do not damage the fabric of the blinds. It is important that you go through the instructions as the fabric of the roman blinds is very delicate. Also, it is advised you first try the solution in an inconspicuous area so that you can check if it is damaging the fabric or not.

Cleaning Roman Blinds

Professional Cleaning

Another great way of cleaning roman blinds is to give them for professional cleaning. This would ensure that blinds are cleaned completely and also no damage would be caused to the material of the blinds. Moreover, some roman blinds already come with the instruction that they should only be dry cleaned. In such cases, cleaning roman blinds by professionals is the best way to ensure that it is in its proper form.

Steam Cleaning

Some of the blinds are not waterproof, therefore; we are only left with the option of steam cleaning them. It is important we make sure that while steam cleaning roman blinds we do not scald the material or dampen it too much. Hence, steam cleaning is also a great option for keeping your roman blinds cleaning.

Cleaning Wooden Roman Blinds

It is recommended to use only a wood brush for cleaning roman blinds made of wood. Also, we should make sure to clean it from both the sides so that all the dirt removes. We can also treat the wooden blinds with a wood shiner. This would leave an extra shine on the surface of the blinds. Therefore, cleaning roman blinds made of wood is extremely simple.

These are just a few tips which we can use while cleaning roman blinds. These tips come in very handy when we are to have guests over at our house.

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