History of Garage Doors and How to Repair Them?

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The history of Garage Doors can be traced from 450 BC when chariots were stored in gatehouses, but in the US they came into existence in 20 Century. In early 1902, the American manufacturers which included the Cornell Iron Works published a catalog of “Float-over Door”. The origin of upward-lifting garage doors can be traced to the catalogs published in 1906.

Garage doors lead pretty simple lives. Sometimes, though, even reliable old garage doors get bit by the dust. If you are having trouble with your garage door, here are some tips on what to do.

How to Repair the Garage Door

Step 1: Check the metal tracks inside the garage, if they are found damaged then replace them.

Step 2: Check the tracks with levels to check whether they are properly aligned or not.

Step 3: Clean the tracks with some concentrated household liquid cleaner in order to remove the dirt and greasy material from them and run dry rollers over throughout the tracks.

Step 4: Check the hardware, so that the need to tighten the hardware can be analyzed and can be tightened if required.

Material of Garage Doors and its Features

The garage doors are generally made up of using following materials:

  • Aluminum garage doors are low at cost, light in weight, and ensure low maintenance.
  • Fiber Glass and Vinyl garage doors are a combination of a steel core behind the fiberglass or vinyl skin, but they are more expensive than steel units.
  • Steel doors are very commonly used and are also available in a large variety which also offers strength and security and are also cost competitive.
  • Wooden garage doors give an elegant look but are high in maintenance, and at the same time, these are also expensive. If one thinks of using a cheaper one in this section, then these would wrap and break easily.

Reasons Why Your Garage Doors Do Not Work Sometimes

Before we get on to how a garage door can be repaired, it is first very essential to know the reasons which result in the dis-functioning of the garage doors.

Following are the top reasons which lead to the dis-functioning of the garage doors:

Transmitter Batteries are Dead: Though this sounds obvious, the garage door transmitters require power to function and if the battery in the transmitter is dead, then it won’t be able to send a signal to the garage door to open.

Your Photo Eye Out of Alignment: The photo-eye transmits an invisible beam between each other which detects whether anything is in between the garage door’s path while it is being closed. This measure ensures safety by preventing the door from closing on someone or something.

When Track is Not Properly Aligned: If the garage door’s track is not properly aligned, then this might become a serious issue later on as the door won’t be able to move if the track is not aligned.

When Springs are Broken: If the garage door stops working all of a sudden and you are sure that the transmitter is working properly, and the power is also passing to the motor, then there is a possibility that the springs might have broken.

Often the garage doors stop working due to it being manually locked.

If you have a garage door repairs expert, then you must know about the different DIY methods, but once you hire professionals, they know how to use the exact hardware and install the garage door as per the owner’s choice and budget.

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  1. Thank you so much…but where was this when I had to have the door fixed on two different very expensive occasions?

  2. I actually pinned this post, because it will really come in handy. We’ve had to pay someone multiple times to fix our garage doors.

  3. Hubby is a carpenter and has repaired many. The biggest thing with the doors are the springs if they use them.They can be under a whole lot of pressure! Be careful when you get to that part.

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