The Benefits of Perfect Fit Window Blinds

perfect fit window blinds

Perfect Fit blinds is a system developed by one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of window blinds. Several companies have tried to offer a similar product over the years. Still, we have found that nothing beats the original. The Perfect Fit system comprises two components: the actual window blind and the Perfect Fit frame. The Perfect Fit blind clips into the window frame rather than being installed in front of or above your windows like other types of blinds such as Vertical Blinds and Roman Blinds.

The Perfect Fit benefits

Easy installation

The beauty of perfect fit blinds is that they sit in their own frame, so no drilling or screwing is required to install them. Instead of being drilled into the wall and then screwed into place, perfect-fit blinds fit neatly within a frame. It sounds like a pretty innovative way to install blinds, doesn’t it?

Child safe

A tab on the side of the frame controls perfect-fit blinds. Because no cables or cords are required, these blinds are entirely child-safe and can be used in any room of the house without fear of strangulation.

Light control

Perfect Fit blinds provide better light control because the frame prevents light from coming around the sides of your blinds, a phenomenon known as the halo effect. Consider a blackout lining, which is available in many of the styles available, for even better light control.


Windows and doors are designed to be opened! However, blinds don’t always do an excellent job of accommodating this, especially with unique window styles like top swing and tilt and turn. This is where Perfect Fit blinds shine. They clip onto the pane and open with the window, providing both shade and airflow. Furthermore, they will not flap or knock in the wind because they are in their own frame.

Fit most windows

Perfect Fit blinds are appropriate for 95% of windows. However, because perfect fit blinds are made to fit the measurements of a UPVC window, which range from 18mm to 24mm, they would be unsuitable for your window if you have a wooden frame that falls outside of these measurements. Perfect Fit blinds are also unsuitable for sliding patio doors because they can damage the mechanism when the doors are opened.


Perfect Fit window blinds provide numerous advantages, and the good news is that they are ideal for every type of window in your home. Wood, aluminum, pleated, and roller blinds are available in various colors and styles. Perfect Fit blinds are also appropriate for most windows because they can be made to measure, ensuring a precise fit. In addition, they aid in framing your window and adding a decorative touch to your room.

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