If the Shoe Fits, WEAR It! Dealing With Life’s Curveballs

Life WILL Throw Curveballs

I’ve heard the old saying, “If the shoe fits, then wear it” more times than I can count. Typically speaking, when someone says that it is usually a derogatory comment meaning that they are the brunt of a joke because of some sort of quirky or negative thing about them.

Shoe Fits

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Lazy Mom’s – Two Words That Don’t Mix

Lazy Mom’s Day?!

Today is officially National Lazy Mom’s Day! HA! Those words just do NOT go together in my book. You might have found a way to master being lazy and being a mom but I have yet to find a way for those two worlds to collide! If you have found a way, please shed some light for me… I’m all ears!

lazy mom's

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One Pitch Changes Everything – Life Lessons

Life Lessons From America’s Past Time

Last night something pretty rare happened in baseball. Rich Hill of the Dodgers pitched an amazing game. After nine innings of play, he still had a no-hitter. In the 10th, he left one pitch hanging and Josh Harrison of the Pirates hit out of the park to hand Hill with all his efforts a 1-0 loss. As I have thought about that this morning, there are three life lessons that we can see from that.

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Learning To Be Still When Everything is CRAZY Around You

Being Still is NOT My Personality

For those who don’t know me, I am one of those who usually has a daily list longer than time would allow within 24 hours. I stay up at all hours of the night to finish my list. If I don’t have something to get done, I make up stuff that I FEEL NEEDS to be done. 

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We Can All Relate To April the Giraffe #AprilTheGiraffe

Over a million people sat glued watching April the Giraffe on YouTube for two months STRAIGHT anticipating the arrival of new life. April did not have a visible audience, only fans and critics alike seeing her behind a screen for themselves or hearing others talk about her.

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