Fear IS A LIAR – Real Life Struggles

I am going to let you in on my innermost thoughts for a moment. I am one of the most insecure women I know. You know why? Because most everyone else puts on a front just like I do. SO, in my mind, I am the most insecure woman I know! Most people who know me may think the opposite. We try to act like our insecurities don’t control us yet deep down in, most women (including me) battle intense insecurities. Fear is really a true struggle for many.

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Why Insecurities? Struggles with fear

Some of why we face insecurities are simply because we are human. Some struggle with insecurities from situations we have been in. Other reasons are because of the reaction we get from others. Most insecurities are because of FEAR. Social media can also cause serious bouts of insecurities. 

I have always struggled with, “what does everyone think about me?” “How could I ever measure up?” Recently, I went on a little getaway with several women. I had a chance to talk about some of my struggles to “stronger women” only to find that they struggled greatly with the same things as I do! FEAR makes you hide your feelings because it tells you that if you ever told anyone about your struggles that they would think even less of you than they already do! In reality, you are not alone!

We often think of fear as being scared to get out of your comfort zone like jumping off a cliff into a lake, riding a roller coaster, driving for the first time, etc. That is not all FEAR IS! FEAR cripples people into feeling like they are stuck in a deep dark cave. FEAR makes you feel like you just can’t crawl out of the cave with confidence. Fear is SUCH A LIAR! 


FEAR can be a cause of depression. FEAR also keeps those dealing with depression feeling alone and unable to get the help they need! I speak from experience! My husband wrote a book about our personal experience with depression. If you are battling depression, you are NOT alone! If you are interested in ordering, please order HERE!

I have had many friends who have turned their backs on me. Others have stopped talking to me but feel the need to talk about me. FEAR tells me that I am not good enough. FEAR tells me that my mistakes and shortcomings are far greater than any good that I withhold. FEAR tells me that I NEED these friends to go on. FEAR IS A LIAR! 

FEAR tells me that I am unworthy to be loved. FEAR tells me that I am weak. FEAR tells me that no one loves me. FEAR tells me that I won’t ever add up. FEAR tells me that I am not pretty enough. FEAR tells me that no one cares. FEAR tells me that I can’t ever be ME and still be loved. FEAR tells me that I am a failure. FEAR tells me that I am a terrible mom, wife, and friend. FEAR is a LIAR

Throw all your fears aside and realize that everyone has insecurities. I have listened to this song over and over! If you are dealing with FEAR…. take a listen!

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3 Replies to “Fear Is A Liar – Real Life Struggles”

  1. Fear is real and I think the first step to getting a better life is to admit to yourself that it has taken ahold of you. Realize that the only person you have to measure up to is yourself. I have to it meant that fear takes a hold of me all the time and it is not always easy to overcome. it depends on the circumstances.

  2. Thank you for sharing your heart. I tend to get in my head and have anxiety. I have found that doing somethig that you love can really boost confidence. In my case, I run. It’s when I feel the most strong and confident.

  3. Thank you for sharing this post with your own struggles in life. I also have a lot of fear but it comes from being sick for over 23 years. When I am feeling my best, the fear seems to subside. Also, with my illness comes depression which also leads to fear. I continue to work on this today.

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