Small Toys Great for Travel

Inexpensive, Small Toys Perfect for Travel

We travel a LOT during the summer. Finding ways to occupy my kids on the ride can be a bit challenging. We just took a trip to Pennsylvania in which we drove from central North Carolina to Doswell, VA then to Philadelphia, then off to Hershey, Lancaster, and Gettysburg before heading back to North Carolina. Needless to say, we were in the car quite a bit. It was all worth it though! We found some great small toys to bring along for the ride!

small toys

We received this great mix of toys from Headstart. They were a lifesaver for my antsy daughter! She loves watching movies but I am not fond of constant electronics. Every so often, she would get a small prize and would play with it for the next hour of the drive! 

Baby Secrets Series 3 Mystery Tubs

The Baby Secrets Series 3 Mystery Tubs have more than just a secret toy hidden inside. If you get the diaper wet (you can dip it in the tub or you can even just get a little water on it), it will reveal if you have a boy or a girl inside. The diaper will turn pink for a girl, and blue for a boy. Your child can now decide on their new baby’s name and write it on the enclosed birth certificate. There are 50 new babies in Series 3, collect them all!

small toys

Baby Secrets Merbabies

Inside the shell, your child will find a surprise mermaid baby… a Merbaby! Inside the shell, they will also find a pearl and some decorations for their shell. Similar to the Baby Secrets Mystery Tubs, they can find out the gender by dipping the Merbaby in water. Their tails will turn either pink or blue. Children can wind up the tail and then they can even swim. If you are traveling and do not have water readily available, your child will enjoy pretending they are swimming. 

small toys

Best Furry Friends

Why not bring along your besties in a bag on a road trip? With Best Furry Friends Bestie Pack, Deluxe Pack, Mystery Packs, and the Mini Plush in a bag, your child will be able to bring her best friends along with her. Her real best friend may not be able to join in for real, so bringing along a Best Furry Friends toy can make her feel like she has a best friend with her at all times! 

small toys

The BFF’s dolls come with THEIR bestie… their pet which they can carry in an open top bag. Best Furry Friends gives children a chance to express the bond between a human and an animal. The stories children can come up with while playing with their BFF is endless!

small toys


Blind bags are always so fun for kids and more than perfect for small prizes while traveling. Some of Ooshies’ newest character lines include Care Bears and Transformers. They can be used to collect, share, and even use as pencil toppers. The bottom has a perfectly sized hole to allow them to top a pencil. 

small toys


Hairdooz are so fun! Another surprise revealed when your child spins open the bottle capsule to find out which Hairdooz is waiting for your little beautician. Sitting in the styling chair, the Hairdooz also comes with a cape to make styling more realistic. The included suction cup makes it extra fun for traveling. She can suction it to the window for decoration! They are fruity scented and their hair changes colors in the water. 



Although most of the toys mentioned are girly toys, here is one for the boys (and even girls like). I saw the Microwheels at the NYC Toy Fair and brought home a sample for my boys to test out. I remember Microwheels from when I was younger. Now, they have a garage the Microwheels come inside of with an auto-closing door as they race around the track and into the garage.

There are plenty to collect between the 30 translucent, metallic, and glow in the dark vehicles available in these blind boxes (they come inside the garage making the vehicle a secret). Kids can race them on the looped track. First one in their garage wins!


Make sure you check out these and other products available from Headstart!

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