Life Lessons From America’s Past Time

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Last night something pretty rare happened in baseball. Rich Hill of the Dodgers pitched an amazing game. After nine innings of play, he still had a no-hitter. In the 10th, he left one pitch hanging and Josh Harrison of the Pirates hit out of the park to hand Hill with all his efforts a 1-0 loss. As I have thought about that this morning, there are three life lessons that we can see from that.

One Choice Can Change the Outcome

As stellar as Hill had been, one pitch left a little too much over the plate changed the entire outcome of the game. In life the same is true. One choice can change the whole course of life. It has been said and it is true, you are free to choose your actions but you are not free to choose your consequences. Be careful in the decisions you make today because they will change your game tomorrow.

None of Us Can Win Alone.

Again Hill pitched a no-hitter for nine innings! As a matter of fact, he even had a perfect game into the 8th inning. Yet as good as he was, he needed somebody, anybody on his team to score not 10 runs, but one run. They didn’t and he lost the game. As we run our Christian race, we need each other. Everybody has a role and there are others depending on you to fill it.

For example, I understand that not everybody will preach Sunday morning, but yet your pastor needs you. He is depending on your prayers. He would be blessed by your encouragement this week. Your presence in the house of God Sunday will be a blessing to him. As believers, we are all in this thing together. If you know the Lord and are trying to serve Him by following His Word, I am rooting for you!

It is Not How You Start But How You Finish

As people look at last night’s game in the future, all that will stand out in the box score is Pirates 1 Dodgers 0. It will go down as a loss. Literally, the last pitch of the game was and will be the defining moment of the entire game. Regardless of what God has done in our lives, or how God has used us in the past, may there be a burning desire to not stop til we reach Heaven. Yes, as age settles in it can slow us, but may it never be said that we gave up or quit. Finish strong, as Paul said, finish the course and by the grace of God leave a mark for those that come behind us. 

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