Second Place Mom, Always Getting Left Out

Second Place Mom, Always in Dad’s Shadow

A typical mom is always busy. She is the one who keeps the clothes washed, bellies full, kid’s bathed, and a million other things. She is the last one up at night making sure that everything gets done from the previous day (since most of the time it is technically the next morning before she goes to bed). She does everything possible to take care of everyone but herself! 


Regardless of how much she works, how much she sacrifices, and even how many hugs, kisses and snuggles she gives out through the day, once dad steps foot in the door… mom is second place. Dad is the superhero who does no wrong. Dad can do it all. If your child is going to brag to his friends, it will be about his awesome dad! Mom? Mom who?! Yep, that is the payment we often receive as a mom… being a second place mom, yet we sit back and admire the love our children have for their daddy. We do it because we love them and we love their daddy.


I know I did that as a child and even to this day, still do that. I consider myself a daddy’s girl, admiring everything about him. He can do no wrong in my eyes. Yet, it is my mom who still to this day (even though I am now 36), will be the one holding my hand when I am nervous before a surgery. It is my mom that I call when I need someone to talk to. Mom is the one who I share, just about, my every thought with.  It’s my mom that I receive random “thinking of you” type of texts and calls from. Even though I may never call her my best friend (because she is my “mom”), she really is. She does everything a best friend would do and more. She never gets the credit she fully deserves. 

Second Place Mom

My mom sacrificed so much to raise my sister, brothers, and I. She was an active stay at home mom running us here there and everywhere, cooking, cleaning, nurturing, and being active as a room mom year after year in our schools. She stayed plenty busy raising four kids! Now, she has graduated from helping us four kids to being a grandma to 11 kids!

I don’t know what I would do without my mom. She has loved me when I was loveable but still loved me when I was the least deserving. She is a rock I have leaned on time and time again. She has taught me a lot about life, friendships, hospitality, the Lord, and so much more. Today is her birthday. Today is another day I can be thankful for the mom God gave to me! Love you, mom!! 

If your mom is still alive, give her a call or send her a quick text to let her know how thankful you are for everything she has done for you throughout your life!

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