NEW Guinness World Records Book Available

Guinness World Records Book, Amazing Animals, and the Latest Gamers in Stores NOW

This past summer, we took our children to the Guinness World Records Attraction in Gatlinburg, TN. My boys have always been fanatics of Guinness World Records books. Going to the attraction just brought the books to life. They have been even more anxious to get the latest book. Well, it is HERE! How exciting to add it to their collection. PLUS, the newest Amazing Animals and Gamer’s Edition are also out on the shelves now too!

NEW guinness world records book

Guinness World Records 2018 Book

Find out the world records that have been beaten recently. You will find photos along with stats and facts that will boggle your mind! Everything from the shortest people, the craziest stunts to beat the previous records, amazing talents that have created a whole new record. 

The record-breaking annual is back and full of incredible accomplishments, spectacular stunts, cutting-edge science and amazing sporting feats. Also new this year is a celebration of the superlative with dazzling infographic features exploring the ultimate absolutes, such as the fastest, highest and heaviest.

 NEW guinness world records book

Amazing Animals

Are any of you animal lovers? You are going to get a kick out of the interesting facts about these amazing animals. I had no clue how trained some of these animals can be. 

  • Cool animal records
  • fun facts
  • never-before-seen photos
  • and more

Calling all animal lovers! Guinness World Records: Amazing Animals turns the spotlight on the most fur-nomenal creatures, peculiar pets, cute critters and wacky wildlife. Discover surfing pigs, heroic hounds and a bodacious bunny who plays basketball! 

 NEW guinness world records book

Gamer’s Edition 2018

Anyone else has a game crazed kid… or big kid? Yeah, I have one of those, too. My ten year old loves watching YouTube videos and reading anything he can on all the newest games. The Gamer’s Edition is where it is at! The latest edition is the 11th edition, loved by over five million gamer fans! 

With a personal intro by DanTDM, owner of the Most viewed Minecraft channel on YouTube, and packed with the latest records, coolest stars and the biggest games, the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition is the go-to bible for every gaming fan. 

NEW guinness world records book

There is a book for all… or if you are like my boys, all three books are for them! every year, my boys get the latest Guinness World Record books and every year they try to come up with a NEW record they could accomplish. Wonder what new record they will attempt this year? What would your record be to try to beat?!

NEW guinness world records book

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  1. Have to admit I never thought about their being a Guinness book. Just figured that people just used the internet to get the information. Also did not realize there were several books

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