Christmas Wish List for Children and TEENS!

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Christmas Wish List for Child and Teen

When I asked my kids what they wanted for Christmas this year, they seemingly had no idea what to ask for other than the list probably every child/teen have. Why is that?! Once I started showing them some ideas “outside the box”, their list started evolving! So to answer my own question, kids often want what other kids have because they have heard them talk about it at school. If you want a genuine Christmas list, let them scroll through this post to see some hot toys that they may not have considered. My kids have tested out these products and give an A++ and agree that other children need to see them and add them to their Christmas wish lists! Let me tell you about these great gift ideas!  

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Book Subscription Service for Children

Book Subscription Service – PERFECT End of School Year Gift

Your kids have worked hard all year long (or maybe they haven’t and need a little encouragement to give it their all for next year). Either way, reading is essential this summer. Just because school out does not mean they should completely “break from school”. A good book subscription would be a great end of the year gift to your child.

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Bedtime Story Routine Just Became Extra Special

 Bedtime Story Fun

Reading each night is a routine in a lot of families with children. My kids all read before they go to sleep. Typically, they fall asleep with a book as their pillow (not on purpose). You can probably picture that considering most moms that I talk to, tell me about the same situation at their house! What about a blanket book?! I wish I had thought of it! Thankfully, Story 2 Sleep DID think of it and solved the problems of moms all over! A blanket book combo!

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NEW Guinness World Records Book Available

Guinness World Records Book, Amazing Animals, and the Latest Gamers in Stores NOW

This past summer, we took our children to the Guinness World Records Attraction in Gatlinburg, TN. My boys have always been fanatics of Guinness World Records books. Going to the attraction just brought the books to life. They have been even more anxious to get the latest book. Well, it is HERE! How exciting to add it to their collection. PLUS, the newest Amazing Animals and Gamer’s Edition are also out on the shelves now too!

NEW guinness world records book

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Laughter Really is Medicine for the Soul

Laughter is Contagious

The old adage, “Laughter is the best medicine.” rings true! Think about the feeling you get when you hear a little one with that deep uncontrollable belly laugh. Everyone around you starts to smile and even begin to laugh as well. Laughing is contagious because it feels so good! One of the BEST ways to bond with a child is through laughter. 


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