A Mothers List Of Must Have Baby Products

Any new parent is definitely overwhelmed by all the baby products available these days. So, besides the obvious clothes, diapers, and a place to sleep, what baby products are really going to help you when you need help most? What are the “must-have baby products” to add to your wish list?

must-have baby products

Here are the top products I (and many of my mom friends) found most useful:

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baby products

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Diaper Bag

Finding a diaper bag that is functional yet stylish can be a bit of a challenge. The Kalencom Chicago Backpack is a great diaper bag without the diaper bag look. It features 9 pockets in total and also has 2 elastic bottle straps. With a variety of straps, the Chicago Backpack is easy to carry while juggling your baby and all the “extras”. It can be worn as a shoulder bag, crossbody, or backpack style but also can be carried as a tote by holding the top strap.

chicago backpack

Boppy Pillow

This is useful in so many ways. It’s great to use while breastfeeding the baby. After a c-section, a boppy pillow is a lifesaver, keeping the baby from putting pressure on my incision. It also gives your arms a rest. For moms who’ve delivered in the normal way, these are great to sit on, especially if you’ve had a painful episiotomy. When the baby’s a bit older, you can use it for tummy time. Just prop the baby’s arms and chest onto the pillow.

Swaddling blanket

This helps the baby feel safe and secure even when he’s not in your arms. It can also help calm fussy and colicky babies.

Floor Mat

You will find that you will want some sort of floor mat on the go (and even at home) like the Squishy Mat. Squishy Mats is a portable, padded mat for parents to get down to an eye level with their children anywhere they go! With almost one inch of memory foam tucked inside the mat, the Squishy Mat comes in a variety of three different sizes depending on what you plan to use it for. 

Squishy Mat

Every Squishy Mat folds up and has a carrying handle making it very portable… great for trips to the park, traveling, or even just playtime in the backyard! It also protects your little ones from dirty floors as well! The non-slip rubber grip backing makes it safe for children of all ages which is especially important when using it as a changing pad!

must-have baby products

Sling, Wrap, or Baby Carrier

In the first few months, you will probably feel that it’s impossible to get anything done. Your baby wants to be held all the time, and it’s no surprise that he wants to be next to you all day. You represent comfort to him. So what do you do when every time you put him down he starts crying? Don’t put him down! Get a sling, wrap, or baby carrier, and the baby will feel safe in your arms all day long. With some practice, you can even breastfeed while the baby’s in the sling! And don’t worry; you are not spoiling him!

Travel System

You’re going to buy a car seat and a stroller anyway, so why not buy them together and save money? Added benefits: If the baby falls asleep in her car seat, you don’t have to wake her up by taking him out of it, you just have to take the car seat out of the base and pop it into the stroller. Most travel system strollers from sites such as https://nunababy.com/au/mixxtm-next, for instance, can also be used without the car seat.

Baby book and baby calendar

Not only is it lots of fun to write down all of your baby’s milestones, but these will also make great keepsakes for your child when he or she gets older. Quarto Books Hooray New Baby! by Ms. Veronica Dearly is a great selection. 

baby products

It can be difficult to remember the details considering you will be likely sleep deprived and life with your baby will fly by so quickly. You will want to soak up every memory possible. Adding it the details to your Hooray for Baby! book and taking plenty of pictures will help you do just that!

Rocking Chair or Glider

If you have a bit of extra money in the baby budget, get one of these! You deserve one! Nothing beats rocking the baby to sleep in a comfy rocking chair as you stare at your little bundle of joy. It can help your baby fall asleep faster, and it’s calming for both you and him.

Baby Toys

Your baby will not need a lot of toys at first but it won’t be long before they will begin interacting with toys. HABA has a great selection of toys for all ages. They have a super cute Rod Clutching Toy Mouse. Aside from its cuteness, the toy encourages children to use their motor skills at a very young age. By shaking the toy mouse, they will be rewarded with creating music when the wooden toy and the plastic ring clank together. The size allows even the littlest to grasp the toy easily.

baby products

Another great toy is the Snug Up Doll. Each Snug Up Doll from HABA is made of a soft material. This allows even babies to learn to play (or just snuggle) with a baby doll. You will be amazed to see how young of a child will begin patting the baby doll’s back or giving it hugs and kisses. Children like to interpret what they see their mommy and daddy do. They can do just that with the Snug Up Doll.

Baby Tub

A baby tub allows you to more safely bathe your baby in the sink or adult tub. It’s very hard to hold a slippery soapy baby. A baby tub helps you by holding the baby more securely as you’re cleaning her. Remember though, never leave the baby unattended in her tub!

Baby Scale

Especially if you have a premature baby or if you are just a curious mom, the EatSmart Precision Digital Baby Scale may not be a necessity but it sure is a lot of fun to have on hand. Waiting from one doctor’s appointment to the next to see what your baby now weighs can be too long of a wait for most. 

baby products

The EatSmart Precision Digital Baby Scale weighs babies up to 44 lbs in half-ounce increments. Since it is easy to clean, you can even consider laying it on your changing table to change your baby on while catching their weight when curiosity strikes. 


Babies love swings. The rocking motion soothes them since it reminds them of when they were in the womb and were rocked to sleep by walking.

Baby How-To Books

New moms and even moms of multiple children need a little reminder on parenting tips. Prior to the baby’s birth, you will want to snag a copy of the Natural Hospital Birth 2nd Edition and the Birth Partner 5th Edition which will help you navigate your way through your trip to the hospital.

baby products

When your child is getting closer to starting to eat baby food, 101 DIY Baby Food Pouches and Super Nutrition for Babies, Revised Edition are three great books to add to your collection. They are a wealth of information to be sure your child is starting their life off with the right nutrition for a healthy lifestyle.

baby products

Blanket Sleeper

These are warm sacks that can be worn by your baby instead of a blanket. They’re safer to use than a blanket.

Baby Towels

You can always use adult-size towels but they are not typically as soft as baby towels plus they are usually way too big for your baby. 

High Chair or Booster Seat

If you have room for it, get a high chair. Your baby will appreciate the view. If you’re pressed for space, a booster seat is a good option. There are ones you can attach to the table as well as ones that attach to a chair. You can set your baby down and give him little finger foods on his tray. High chairs are made for easy cleanup, which comes in handy when your baby gets to the I-wanna-feed-myself stage. And, your baby will feel good when he gets to sit down and eat in his own chair while the rest of the family eats.  

White Noise Machine or Bluetooth Speaker

Getting a great night’s sleep is important but so is being able to not worry about waking your baby with every little noise. Having a white noise maker or something to play music on will help buffer the noise so your little one can sleep easily. The Lullabuddy is one of our favorites. 

Lullabuddy makes it easy to help your child drift off to sleep without the fear of inconsistent volumes, advertisements suddenly coming on, and with its one-hour timer, the fear of having to sneak into the bedroom to turn it off and risk waking your baby up is a thing of the past. It also features a mini USB charging cord that allows for up to 18 hours of play when fully charged.


Lullabuddy comes with two hours of pre-recorded lullabies sung by Mae Robertson. I am sure you will love her music but if for some reason you want to switch it up, that is no problem. You can use Bluetooth to play any songs from your phone, wirelessly.  

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  1. My cousin is pregnant right now and I’ll be sharing this with her so she gets all the necessary things. What a great list. Thank you for sharing. ❤️

  2. I love Thirty-One. I have one of the other purses that I use for a diaper bag but this one looks like it would be a little more fitting. I will have to put in an order with my consultant!

  3. I have always loved Haba products. I love how most of their stuff is wooden. That rattle is so adorable.

  4. What a great list! We loved our mat, it was great for when your little one didn’t want to be held and needed a place to sit. I have a sister-in-law due soon so a great shopping list.

  5. The Boppy Pillow was a life saver with my last baby. I wish I would have had one for the first as well! This is a great list and I completely agree with everything on it.

  6. My daughter had the “failure to thrive”. It was scary at times. I wish I had one of those scales when she was going through that. I was always worried between visits that she had lost more weight.

  7. That Lullabuddy looks like it is pretty small. That would work great because I can hide it behind some of my son’s decor.

  8. So many cool products on this list. My friend is pregnant and I will be sharing this with her so she gets all the necessary things

  9. I love he diaper bag. I like diaper bags that don’t look like diaper bags. I agree with you on sound machines. We recorded the hair dryer on cd to play for my kids until they were like 2! It’s amazing how a vacuum and a hair dryer can put babies to sleep.

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