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Think Outside the Box

Flowers and pedicure gift certificates seem to be among the traditional Mother’s Day gifts that I see a lot of my friends receiving year after year. Yes, those are both nice gifts but, this year, think a little outside the box with some of these unique gifts for Mother’s Day. 

unique gifts

Gift of Quality Time

Quality Time has been missed over time between mothers and children. Busy schedules have overridden true quality time over and over again. However, quality time is what most mothers long for! What about a full blow picnic, already planned. You can always contact a local caterer or bakery store if you need a little help with the food. Give mom a thermal tote with a card inside that gives a specific date and time for the picnic OR you can go all out and have a friend set up a picnic area and wait with it until you arrive.

unique gifts

Thirty-One has some great picnic totes such as the Fresh Market Thermal. The time spent together will be a great memory but the thermal totes will provide a way for mom to enjoy more picnics in the future. 

In a Pikle

in a pikle

In a Pikle prepares mom with all of life’s little emergencies. As a mom, we know we are expected to have everything on hand to be able to fix a missing button, remove a stain, clean out a wound, and remove a tick. Without having to carry everything but the kitchen sink in their purse, In a Pikle allows moms to throw a bag in their vehicle with everything they may need to mend, clean, and fix all the little emergencies that may come up. 

unique mothers day gift ideas

In a Pikle has stylish bags, waterproof pouches, and emergency supplies specific to mom’s needs. Supplies such as hand sanitizer, stain remover, tweezers, bandaids, and even hair ties can be purchased in kits to place inside the organized little purse. They sell various sizes depending on what you think she would like to keep on hand. She can carry it as a purse with the adjustable strap or keep it stored in an office desk or vehicle. Mom will be prepared for all life’s little emergencies regardless of whether the bag is carried or stored.

black purse

Ravensburger’s Puzzle Board 

Spending time working on a puzzle can be very relaxing for a busy mom. Taking some time to unwind at the end of the day is much needed for a mom to remain healthy mentally and even physically. Unwinding can be done by taking a bath, reading a book, or by putting a puzzle together! Now, with Ravensburger’s Puzzle Board, a mom can truly relax while putting a puzzle together. 

unique gifts

No need for mom to have to stand to see the puzzle. She can sit, without having to crane her neck. She can also complete a puzzle at her own leisurely convenience. The Ravensburger’s Puzzle Board is made of a Beechwood. It has four adjustable settings in which it can tilt based on mom’s specific needs. The puzzle pieces stay in place thanks to the non-slip velour surface. 

unique gifts

The Puzzle Board is sturdy and lightweight. Since it is lightweight, the puzzle board is portable. She can work on the puzzle anytime and anywhere she would like. Most of the time, puzzles would be left sitting out on the kitchen table which would drive a mom crazy. With the Puzzle Board, mom can now work on the puzzle and move it when it is time to eat! The puzzle board holds up to a 1000 piece landscape puzzle. 

unique gifts

Thirty-One All Around Tote

The Thirty-One All Around Tote is a show stopper. You might need to prepare mom for the many compliments to come with her Thirty-One All Around Tote. I received my All Around Tote a couple of weeks ago and have had more compliments on this bag than ANY other bag I have ever owned! It is a great size to carry all the summertime essentials. It looks casual, yet sophisticated. Of course, as Thirty-One always does, they have matching wallets and zipper pouches to go right along with it if you really want to spoil mom!

unique gifts

Winning Moves Games

Kids may stay busy playing gaming consoles, texting with friends, playing sports, or watching TV. We all know that game time as a family creates many lasting memories and binds the family together. Consider giving mom a game basket full of games like Kozo, Scrabble to Go, No Stress Chess, and Rubiks Tactile Cube (or any of the games below) along with a “save the date” card inside for a full night of undivided attention from the whole family to play some games with mom. 

unique gifts

3-IN-1 Key Case Pepper Spray with Quick Release Key Ring 

Let mom know that her safety is important by giving her one of these Sabre Pepper Gel 3-in-1 Auto Tools. We are living in a very cruel world these days. You can never be “too safe”. This 3-in-1 Auto Tool has maximum strength red pepper gel which allows it to only affect the target. The gel has UV marking dye in it to help identify the suspect if they were to get away. 

unique gifts

Also included is a seat belt butter and a window breaker… all in one tool. Mom can travel anytime, anywhere and feel safer. The Sabre Pepper Gel tool can be attached to keys or stored inside a purse for easy access in the event of an emergency. 

Spoil mom a little this Mother’s Day. Show her that you appreciate her enough to think outside the box with one of these thoughtful and unique gifts! What are you getting your mom? What would you like for your children to give you?

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  1. This will be so handy to have in the coming week. So many great recommendations, thanks!

  2. oh this is awesome! I super love the thermal bags, they are very handy. Thanks a lot for the great ideas.

  3. I would LOVE that puzzle board! Now I can put together puzzles without killing my back. Oh wow, I haven’t put a puzzle together in so long.

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