Moving Homes This Summer? How to Make It Easier on Your Kids

When you have a great opportunity, you need to jump on it. Sometimes, a great opportunity involves moving. Moving puts a lot of stress on you and the rest of the family, especially the kids. Moving homes this summer can eliminate the complications of moving in the middle of a school year, but it’ll still be hard. Try these tips to make moving easier on your kids.

Moving Homes This Summer

Give Your Kids a Say in the New House

Your children will feel more excited about moving if they have a say in the new house. For example, if the children want a swimming pool, look for homes with swimming pools. If that’s not possible, you can give them a say on things like the paint color of their new room. Soon, the kids may even get enthusiastic about the new house. You can bring your kids along to look at houses with you. They will feel more involved that way. This will prevent them from being resentful about the move later on. 

Hire a Moving Company

You will have a lot of work to do. Children shouldn’t have the stress of moving during the summer of their childhood; they should be playing, and you should be spending time together as a family. While the move will undoubtedly require a significant amount of your attention, get help from professional movers. Moving companies, like All America Moving, can help with packing and moving locally or long-distance. You can call around to get some quotes from NYC movers companies before deciding on one. 

Explore the New Town

Explore your new town together as a family, almost as if you are tourists. Learn about the new parks and restaurants you will frequent. You may even have cool new landmarks not located in your old hometown. If you let the kids explore by themselves over time, establish strict rules regarding where they can go and how long they can leave, especially when still learning your barings.

Stay in Touch With Friends and Family

One of the hardest things about moving is leaving friends and family. However, leaving your house doesn’t mean you will leave the people in the area. Invite friends and family to the new house. Furthermore, teach children how to call, and video chat with friends and family members.

Get Involved in Your New Community

In order to feel settled in and comfortable in your new home, make sure you connect with your community. If you are religious, find a nearby church to attend where you can make new friends. If you like to be active, find groups to go on hikes with. There are many ways you can connect with your neighbors to make long-lasting friendships. 

Visit Their New School

If you want to make moving easier for your kids, make sure you visit their new school ahead of time. Summer is the perfect time to do that. You can help them get comfortable with the layout of their school and help them find their class. You may also be able to meet with the principal, administration, and teachers. This will ease your children’s nerves about going to a brand new school. 

A move is an exciting new chapter in your family’s history. However, it can be more difficult to get the children on board at first, especially if they feel stuck moving when they should be enjoying their summer. Let the professionals handle moving and spend time saying goodbye to loved ones and learning about your new home.

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