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Teaching Your Child to Observe

PAY ATTENTION!! Those words ring through my ears from the probably millions of times I have either heard it said as a child or said it myself to my own children. We all want our children to “pay attention” but are we teaching them to truly observe the things around them?


What is observation? 

Observation is the act of recognizing and noting a fact. 

Why Is Observing So Important?

  • Helps a child to read other’s emotions
  • A child learns through observing
  • Makes a child aware of their surroundings for safety purposes
  • Increases a child’s “cause and effect” skills

How to Help Your Child’s Observation Skills

Some children naturally are observant. My oldest is extremely observant by nature which shows in many aspects of his life. He will be the first to notice when someone is struggling emotionally, he can give details of what people he saw looked like, and he is amazing with watching something and then explaining how it works. That is all part of having strong observation skills. 

My other children, I had to spend more time playing games such as “I Spy” or simply pointing out to them different things going on around them. Slooooks is a great game to introduce to your children to help increase their observation skills. 


About Slooooks

Slooooks provides fun for all ages! I have found it is a great way to break from electronics and increase observation skills all while having fun as a family. Also, children will learn their letters and colors while playing. The game is portable with it being the size of a book so you can bring it anywhere. Each time the game is played, different things can be seen which allows for a brand new game each time! 


Players take turns spinning the wheel and selecting a color to be searched then starts the timer by flipping the hourglass. If a player can name or point out an object before the time runs out, they get to slide open on of the eyes on the board. The first player to “open” all their eyes wins! 


My Thoughts On Slooooks

I love that it is small enough to bring with us wherever we go. Sometimes, I even let my daughter play it by herself. I will have her pick a color then she has to find something with that color before the time runs out. Since she is only 3, we are still working on learning letters, so sometimes we just take turns spinning the wheel and focusing on just the letters themselves. It is a fun way for her to be learning the letter. Since she gets to spin the wheel each time, she is anxious to “play”. 


Order Slooooks to start increasing your child’s observation skills! They will love it!

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