MagnaFlex – Power of Magnets Creates Fun For Kids

Magnets have always been an entertainment for my kids. Whether it be the magnets on the refrigerator or just plain magnetic pieces, my boys have always loved to find ways to make the magnets stick to other objects or repel objects. MagnaFlex is a safe yet exciting alternative for children!


MagnaFlex Critters Set

Magnetic, bendable strips create a safe outlet for a child to explore magnetic forces while creating a ladybug, bumblebee, butterfly, spider, scorpion, tarantula, or anything your child can imagine! 


The package comes with 22 colorful, bendable strips, 6 large metal discs, and 6 small metal discs. Each end of the strips have magnet pieces inside the plastic. This allows the child to connect the pieces much easier than having to snap them together. (and more fun!) PLUS, since they are magnetic, your child can attach their creations to the fridge or anywhere metal!

Check out how fun these are!

Colorful magnetic strips come in red, pale blue, yellow, green, black, and purple. 

The set comes with an instruction booklet to show children how to make 6 different critters including this cute little lady bug in the photo below. Once your child gets familiar with how they work, they will be making all sorts of their own creations!


Learning With MagnaFlex

Most kids and even most adults do not think of playing with magnets as part of learning science. Neither do they think of “building” as part of science. With MagnaFlex, when a child plays they are learning… not just playing! With this fantastic product, and a child’s imagination, the possibilities and creations are endless. This provides hours of unique, quiet play time for your child. As a mom, I LOVE that! 

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