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Like most people, I love a good barbecue. Nothing tastes better than steak, chicken, ribs and burgers cooked on the grill. I love the smoky flavor you get on grilled food. And when it’s covered in a marinade or a good BBQ sauce, it’s even better. The down side is that it always leaves such a mess behind, and it’s no fun to clean it. It can be dangerous too. People often use wire brushes to clean the burnt on food residue from the wire rack grate. Not only can that food residue be extremely difficult to clean off, some of the wire bristles from the brush often fall off and stick to the grate. These wire bristles then stick to the next foods that are cooked on the grill and get eaten by an unsuspecting guest or family member. This can cause serious injury.

grill cleaning

Sage Owl has come up with a better (and safer) way to clean your grill. They offer a variety of Grate Grill Scrapers that were designed to help eliminate the risk of injury to people from swallowing wire bristles that have fallen off of those wire brushes. It completely eliminates the danger because you won’t ever want to go back to using wire brushes once you try the Grill Scrapers from Sage Owl.

grill cleaning

There are two styles of Grate Grill Scrapers to choose from: standard and universal. Each style comes in your choice of stainless steel or brass. You make that choice based on what type of grill you have.

The Standard Grill Grate Scrapers are used for the typical backyard grill or even indoor oven racks. They have 3 grooves for cleaning rounded grates and 1 groove for cleaning v-shaped grates.

The Universal Grill Grate Scrapers have 13 grooves of varying sizes and shapes to clean the widest variety of barbecue grills. This is the perfect version to take with you if you frequent campgrounds or parks and plan to use the grills provided on the grounds. There’s also a built in bottle opener and griddle cleaner that makes this model even more versatile.

So, when should you use stainless steel scrapers and when should you use brass ones? Well, Stainless Steel works best on chrome plated, stainless steel and cast iron grills. You should also use it on any old, rusty grill grates. Stainless steel is more durable than brass, aluminum and wood, so it will last much longer. Brass works best on grills that are Teflon and Porcelain coated. It won’t scratch these surfaces like stainless steel will because brass is softer.

If you’re not sure what type of grill you have, follow this rule of thumb: if the grill grate is black, use brass; if the grill grate is gray, silver or covered in rust, use stainless steel. The only exception to this rule is if your black grill grate is made of cast iron, then you should use the stainless steel scraper. If your grill grate has a rough textured finish, it is most likely cast iron because most other types have a smooth finish.

Sage Owl also offers a handle that you can use with all models of grill scrapers to give yourself extra leverage to clean the burnt on food, and to keep your hands away from the heat. You can purchase the scrapers and handles separately, or together already assembled and secured with a wing nut, lock washers and Loctite. The handle is made of solid, anodized aluminum, so it’s more durable than a wooden handle. It allows you to use a Grate Grill Scraper to clean your grill while it’s still hot, or even for spot cleaning while you’re cooking – without worrying about it contaminating your food.

These Grate Grill Scrapers will easily and effectively clear away all of the stuck on food with far less effort than other methods of cleaning. Being able to clean it immediately after cooking, without having to wait for it to cool off, is just an added bonus. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing that no dangerous wire bristles were left behind to be picked up by the food at your next barbecue.

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