Raising a Pioneer in a Cyber World

Raising a Pioneer in a Cyber World

Outdoor Activities, Hunting, and More

by Beth Langley

I remember sitting at my Papa’s knee listening to him tell stories of when he rode in the back of a horse and carriage going down the “uptown” streets of our small North Carolina town. I would sit in awe trying to transport back to that place. Imagining a street with no cars. Trying to picture my Papa as a young boy playing marbles on the wood slatted sidewalks. Quite honestly it was beyond my comprehension and still is. But what I would give to just be a fly on the wall and witness the simplicity of that life, if only for a day.

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How to Get Young People Hooked on Fishing

Don’t Step Away From the Screen — Bring it With You

By Brandon Austin

Older folks have wrung their hands about the younger generation’s love of entertainment since the advent of books. First, kids spent too much time reading, then they spent too much time listening to the radio, watching TV or with their eyes glued to their smartphones.

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Connecting With Your Teen: 5 Important Tips

Connecting With Your Teen: 5 Important Tips

If you’re the parent of a teen, you have probably struggled to connect. Teens are no longer little children, but they are not yet adults – and they come with their own individual personality traits and concerns.

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How Bad Posture Affects Your Body

Bad Posture Affects Your Body More Than You Realize

Just as your body adapts to a change in climate, altitude, and certain foods you intake, your body adapts to the way in which you carry it. However, your body adapting to improper posture is harmful to your health and well-being.

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Give the Gift of Being Outside This Christmas

In this fast-paced world, we’re living in, it seems we can go days and not get fresh air. I know if I go days cooped up inside when I do finally get time to take a walk outdoors I feel so much better. If being outside can improve my mental state and overall health, I have to believe that it will have the same effect on my kids!

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