Unique Gifts for Mom

Unique Gifts for Mother’s Day

Think Outside the Box

Flowers and pedicure gift certificates seem to be among the traditional Mother’s Day gifts that I see a lot of my friends receiving year after year. Yes, those are both nice gifts but, this year, think a little outside the box with some of these unique gifts for Mother’s Day. 

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How to Encourage Better Behavior in Children

How to Encourage Better Behavior in Children

Every parent wants their child to behave better, but only parents see everything their child does. It is easy for a parent at a grocery store to pass judgment on you and your child as they walk by while your child is screaming at the top of their lungs, but it is almost as hard for you to remember that your child can behave well during that same time. “I wish that you would just behave yourself,” is a common phrase that many parents are heard saying to their children in the store. Well, getting your child to behave better is actually easier than you might think.

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Hot Unicorn Themed Gifts on the Market

Hot Unicorn Themed Gifts on the Market

Anyone with a little girl will know that there has been a huge rise in infatuations with anything and everything unicorn themed. I have a six-year-old little girl, myself. Needless to say, you would think that there is an infestation of unicorns in our home! She would buy ANYTHING if it has a unicorn on it… even if she has no idea what it is or if she even has a use for it! I decided to compile a list of some of my favorite (and her favorite) unicorn themed gifts to share our version of “The Best of the Best Unicorn Themed Gifts” since there are SO many available right now!

Unicorn Themed Gifts

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The Easiest Ways to Prevent Childhood Obesity

The Easiest Ways to Prevent Childhood Obesity

The rate of childhood obesity has more than doubled in the past 30 years. Learn the simple steps that can help prevent it. The most recent National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, conducted by the Centers for Disease Control, found that nearly 20 percent of children were obese. Read that again. Not just overweight, but obese. This means that for children their age and height, they rank in the top 95th percentile or above. A staggering statistic when compared to results of previous generations.

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Why is Outdoor Play So Important

The Importance of Outdoor Play

Outdoor play and nature activities are good for kids. But dragging them away from TV, computer and video game screens long enough to enjoy the great outdoors is a parent’s challenge.

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