Buying the Right Kind of Sleep Mattress

Buying the Right Kind of Sleep Mattress

Mattresses are known for their resilience nature, and sometimes for their uncomfortable coiled springs. A bad mattress can cause a variety of health problems due to the lack of a good night’s sleep and proper sleep posture. You have to sleep comfortably! For this reason and many more, conscious efforts must be put in before choosing a mattress.

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Here are some factors to consider before making the right choice of mattress.

Pad thickness

How thick should a mattress be? It depends on what you want. You easily make a choice on this based on your previous experience with mattresses. Mattress pad are always thick, but the thickness varies among different mattress styles or brands. Your mattress pad should be thick enough for your comfort.

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The salesperson can help you in making this choice, so ask questions. Whether buying online or in a store, you can ask questions to the sales staff or the online sales help. 


All furniture comes with different sizes, even a mattress. Before making the purchase, consider how many people will use the mattress. The number of people to use the mattress will determine the size to buy. If you cannot determine this alone, seek the advice of the salesperson. For a couple, especially with children who may climb into bed for snuggles at times, I would highly recommend a king sized sleep mattress. 


The quality of the mattress is also very important. Apart from the pad thickness, there many factors that make up quality when talking about mattresses. They are the availability of a coil spring, design and style, and material type. If you are not experienced in this, a friend experienced in mattresses would be helpful.

Material resilience

How resilience is the material of the mattress? This is another important factor to consider. Mattresses are favored by people because of this factor, resilience. Resilience is one factor that makes up the quality of a mattress. Purchase a mattress with high resilience. It is easy to know this, because you can test it right there at the point of purchase.

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Overall thickness

This has to do with its thickness in all aspects. You have to know how effectively it would support your weight, the thickness of the material used for making it, and many more. Simply touching and feeling the mattress with your fingers can help you assess its level of thickness.


Another important factor is cost. If you want a quality mattress, be ready for the price. Resilience has to do with elasticity, rebounding ability, or the ability to retain previous shape after being acted upon. It is advisable to purchase a quality mattress irrespective of price, because it would last long and its resilience nature would remain perfect. Often, you can purchase a mattress online to be shipped directly to your home which helps with cost but also with not having to hire for delivery or the extra gas to haul it from the store to your home. 

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About the Gel Tech Venus Sleep Mattress

The Gel Tech Venus Halcyon 14 inch Comfort Plush Mattress is so comfortable that you may never want to get out of bed! It uses advanced technology to take comfort and support to a whole new level. You can sleep comfortably all year round because this mattress is neutral to heat and it has greatly improved motion dampening. The Halcyon foam provides far greater response than regular foam.

The Venus Halcyon Comfort Mattress has six layers of construction. Starting at the bottom, the first layer is a 5.5″ high density Eco Flex support core. The second layer is 1.0″ of Soft Eco Flex that assists in load dampening. On the third layer you have 1.0″ of Firm Eco Flex that improves stability and weight distribution. The fourth layer is 1.5″ of Medium Eco Flex that adds additional support. The fifth level is 3.5″ of Halcyon Foam – this is a pressure sensitive foam that is more supportive that any other foam on the market today. And finally, the sixth layer…this top layer is 1.5″ of Gel Infused Memory Foam that is quilted into the cover, providing extra cooling support.

Typically with sleep mattresses that are shipped to your home, there is a chemical type of odor that comes with them. I am being 100% honest when I say that there was absolutely no odor with this mattress. It is ready to sleep on as soon as you unpackage it!

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Sleeping on this mattress will provide you with many benefits. It’s enhanced with billions of microscopic air capsules that provide a new level of support and pressure relief. This exceptional support reduces pressure on critical areas of the body. It is so incredibly durable that it rivals high end viscoelastic foam while being 40% lower in product density. You’ll sleep comfortably in any temperature as your body relaxes on the incredibly responsive foam.

This great mattress is American made using safe, non-toxic materials. Each mattress is made to order so it doesn’t sit in a warehouse. It is made FOR YOU! When you buy one, you get both a 365 night trial and a 10 year, non-prorated warranty, so you can buy with confidence! You’ll wake up feeling more relaxed and rested than you have in years!

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